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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Belcarth | Mike "Ranger" Dawson
Link: Celebi | None
Somewhere in a forest north of the Capital
Affected RPers: None

Every day for three years he had walked through this very part of the forest, but after this day nothing would ever be the same again.

Belcarth was well aware of all the legends and the folklore of his hometown, and so he immediately recognized the creature standing not ten feet away. No Lucario had been sighted in these forests for half a century, certainly not during the mere 13 years that he had lived.

Sightings or no sightings aside, here he now stood face to face with one. Unlike the description given in the stories, the telltale red eyes were a bright green instead, and their gaze locked at the thirteen years old blacksmith's apprentice.

"I am Jayde, and I have been waiting for you." The Lucario telepathically spoke. Judging by the name and the telepathic voice, the Lucario was female, though Belcarth, a boy of thirteen wasn't sure what to make of all this, was rendered speechless by the mere fact that it spoke to him.

"The time has come to stand before our mentors. Too long have the burden been theirs to carry." Jayde continued when she was given no reply. "Take me to the castle. The time has come."

"M-my name i-is...My name is Belcarth." The boy stuttered as he began walking back home, wondering what his father would think of all this.

"I know." Came a cryptic reply, and neither of the two spoke until they came within sight of the castle, and the town that surrounded it.


Belcarth woke up to a pounding headache and the ever-present gaze of his partner's green eyes. All he could remember was a flash of light that had rendered him blind, and the following surge of energy, of Aura, that had rendered him unconscious.

He had a nagging feeling that something was amiss, but looking around him everything appeared to be as it should. After resting for a few moments moments, he decided it was time to get back home but as he stood up, a wave of dizziness poured over him, and hadn't Jayde been there to support him, he would've fallen.

"What happened to us Jayde?" He asked out loud. She didn't reply, but the expression on her face clearly said that she was just as clueless as he was.

"We should get back to the castle." He said when he was steady enough to stand on his own.

They started out slowly, taking their time as they began walking home. The further they went on however, the more out of place things seemed. A branch too much or too little on a tree, a tree that was just a little too different from what it used to be. Belcarth tried to convince himself that it was nothing, but the closer they got to the castle, the stronger the feeling of discomfort, and the faster their pace.

Then the small discrepancies around them suddenly turned into major ones. Trees that he had never heard of before started appearing in front of him, and when the path was blocked by a boulder half again as tall as he was, Belcarth's fast pace turned into a full scale sprint, all the way to the forest's edge. When the castle came into sight, he stopped dead in his tracks, disbelief apparent in his eyes as he witnessed the landscape.

The castle that he had grown up in was still there, but it was now no more than a ruin, by the scale of the damage, it looked as though it had been uninhabited for centuries. There were no sign of the surrounding village, not even traces, though the general shape of the landscape seemed to be consistent with what he remembered.

His worst fears were confirmed when he closed his eyes and searched the surroundings for traces of aura. He found no traces at all from other humans, the castle was deserted.

He wished desperately for all this to be nothing but a nightmare, that when he woke up things would be back to normal, though deep down he knew this could not be the case. All he could do was look at his partner and echo his question from before, "What happened to us Jayde?"


Belcarth woke up to the smell of freshly baked bread and a stew that hinted of onions and some kind of meat. The smells made him think that he was in some tavern, but that couldn't be right, he hadn't been to any of the nearby towns in over a month. Opening his eyes confirmed that he was indeed in his tent, and a quick scan for auras explained the source of the excellent cooking.

"Good morning Ranger." He said as he made his way out of the tent. "I thought you would be well on your way to the Capital by now."

"Well, I was, but I had just managed to refill my supplies in that small town south of here when Tracey said that I should stay." He nodded towards the Lapras that were swimming around in the nearby pond. "Besides, my business in the Capital wasn't really that urgent to begin with, and I prefer the outdoors. You slept well?"

"Not really no, but I think you already know that." Belcarth replied and gave Jayde a not too friendly look. "Bad dreams you know."

"Don't be angry, she cares for you is all, and so do I. Breakfast?" He asked, handing over a bowl of the stew and piece of the bread, still hot from the oven.

Belcarth was always as amazed when he saw his friend cook. All he had to work with was a small oven made out of flat stones for the bread and a pot over an open fire for the stew, even so, the bread tasted better than buying it from many a bakery, who had both the experience and a better equipped kitchen to work with. And the stew was far better than most could manage at home in their own kitchens.

"So, care to elaborate on these nightmares?" Mike said after they had been eating in silence for a few minutes.

"They are not nightmares, they are memories." Came the reply after some hesitation. "It is always the same memories. It begins with the first time I met Jayde, here in this glade, that was about 8 years ago. Then it shifts to the time after merging of the worlds, when I woke up not ten feet from where we are sitting, two years past." He went on to explain more specifically what happened in his dreams.

"Both of these events are major events that changed my life forever. And I can't shake the feeling that something is about to happen again, that I'm having these dreams for a reason." He decided to leave out the part that these dreams had begun almost immediately following his discovery of a crystal, one that by the looks if it came from the colonies. He also decided to leave out the part about how he thought he might have heard someone talk to him a few times when he held the crystal. He hadn't even told Jayde, though he suspected she knew. Belcarth wasn't entirely sure why he decided to not say anything, but he didn't know if Mike would take it seriously, and he certainly didn't want his friend to think him insane.

"I see." Came the reply after a moment of silence. Mike had never been one to believe in signs, fate and all that stuff, but something in him told him not to so quickly dismiss what his friend had told him. and ever since the merging of the worlds, he had seen so many strange thing that he wasn't quite sure what he believed anymore.

"Well, time to pack up and leave it sounds like." Mike said when they were done eating.

"What? Why?" Belcarth began, not quite following.

"You have been staying here since the dreams began, no?"

"Well, more or less. What's your point?"

"If the dreams mean something, as you think they do, then the only way you will find out what is to follow them. 8 years ago, you started here and made for the castle, a day that changed your life forever. 2 years ago, same thing, you started here, and made your way to the castle. So to the castle it is. In the meantime, why don't you tell me what happens after the point where the dream stops?"

Belcarth just stood there staring at his friend, but as he could see no better alternative, he began taking down his tent while Mike put out the fires. Standing a few feet away, Jayde kept silent, but with a smile on her face.

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