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Default Re: Gym Leader Applications

Gym applying for: Orion City Gym
Pokemon using (max 8): Secret...
Custom gym rules:
  • All participating Pokemon must be Level 50. No excuses.
  • Rotation battles & 4vs4 Double battles*
  • All kinds of moves (physical, special, and status) are allowed, unless they follow under the clauses listed below.
*Rotation battles are for the first challenge only. If the challenger wins and (s)he wants to challenge me again, then the battle style will be will be Double battles.

Gym Clauses:
  • Evasion
  • Sleep
  • Species
  • OHKO

Gym backstory:
The Gym Leader, originally from Sinnoh, is not the most cheerful person in the world. Sinnoh just...didn't suit her. She moved to the Celestia region in hopes of finding a place where she feels like she belongs. And Orion fit her the best. The foggy and dreary city marks her personality to a T. She saw the Gym, with its "Needs a New Gym Leader" sign on the door. The gym is a large room with darkend hallways and deadends and (fake) poison puddles on the floor. You must navigate arround them without getting trapped in the deadends to find the Gym Leader in her room. Her room is a simple purple room with dim-lit candles. You can find her training on Mt. Eon on Saturdays, and in the Orion City Caverns on Sundays.

She may not be one for conversation, but she battles hard. Her tricky techniques will leave you in awe. You'd better have a flashlight and some Antidotes!

I'll give a cookie to whoever can guess who the trainer is. :3
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