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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Alright, here's Lifewing:

Name: Lifewing

Species: Pidgeotto

Age: 16

Gender: Male

History: Lifewing was born to the Feather Clan, quickly finding himself to be the Soul-Flyer, a prophesied to bring salvation to the Feather Clan from the Grip of Sloth. None of them knew what the
'Grip of Sloth' meant, as they were among the busiest Pokemon in the valley. Nonetheless, fearing the wrath of 'Sloth' they preened Lifewing, training him to be a powerful warrior. He was considered royalty among the Feather Clan, meeting a pretty Chatot named Azul-Eyes. The two promised themselves for one another, becoming the best of friends. However, Azul-Eyes was forced to leave the Feather Clan after she accidentally caused the death of the Feather Clan's leader, Grimclaw. Broken-hearted at this, Lifewing resigned himself to his fate of becoming Soul-Flyer, throwing himself into his work.

However, Azul-Eyes returned, terribly injured from falling down from high up. Grimclaw's son, Grimnut, had not heard of Azul-Eyes' exile, and soon the Honchkrow leader of Feather Clan found himself dueling off with Lifewing, a fight that life the Pidgeotto with a fierce scar on his right wing and left Grimnut dead. The rest of Lifewing's kinsbirds regarded him with both awe and hatred. Although Azul-Eyes soon left again, the Soul-Flyer was not, instead put down verbally, as none wished to incur his wrath and risk the same fate as Grimnut.

One day, while training himself against a sparring partner, Lifewing heard the sounds of battle. Taking a small squad over, he found Pokemon from outside the valley in battle with the residents. Lifewing himself fought an angry Scizor, beating it back until it found an easier opponent (poor Beautifly...) Lifewing then took a sudden blast of fire in the back, causing him to land, as a Magmar smiled in victory. Lifewing barely managed to escape.

He managed to fight for a berry that helped alleviate the burn, but it is still festering, not fully healing. He was separated from the rest of the valley Pokemon, but eventually met The Hope of Dawn, the two teaming up to survive.

Personality: Lifewing was raised to be brave. He is quick-witted, honest, and will rush headlong into battle with not thought of his safety. However, there is an air of arrogance about him, in the way he acts. It's almost as if he expects the Pokemon around him to bow. He also hogs a lot of the food, sharing sometimes, when the wind blows right, but ultimately being very selfish. Although he looks like he trusts you, deep down he seemed to suspect even Azul-Eyes.

Appearance: A bit larger than most Pidgeotto, Lifewing has a scar on his right wing, a peck that disrupted his flying for a while. It is surprisingly conspicuous, and Lifewing flaunts it whenever he can. He has a patch over his right eye, but its not on because he lost it. On the contrary, in the dark he takes it off so he can see better at night. A furious burn mark is on his back, healing bit by bit.

A quick question: Where will the RP start up? After the swamp?
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