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Kiseki Kagami from District Four/ Ichiru Kagami from District Three/Caitlyn Walker from District Seven
Capitol > Training Center

No words were spoken yet, but Kiseki had seen the smiles Caroline and Stefan gave him before the latter took a small piece of paper and a pen and quickly wrote down something. Kiseki looked at him in confusion as he slid it toward them. Caroline took a few moments to her it herself, then pushed it toward Kiseki.

'Don't mention anything about the Rebellion right now because of the Avoxes. We were lucky that they weren't in the room last night, but now they're here. If they find out then they will notify the Capitol in hopes of being free from their slavery.'

"When should we go down to training?" Caroline was the first to speak after Kiseki had given Stefan a silent nod in response to the note.

"Well all of the tributes have to be down there by ten, but they could go down earlier as well." Stefan responded as Caroline returned the note to him. He pushed it into his pocket as the blonde nodded and took a sip of orange juice. Kiseki knew there were questions he needed to ask, but none of them would come to mind - and the ones currently on it couldn’t be spoken.

He finished around the same time as Caroline and decided to head down to the training center with her. All of the tributes supposedly trained there together, so that meant he would be able to see Ichiru. The thought instantly perked him up as he followed Caroline and Stefan - who had informed them that mentors could accompany their tributes to the training center - down the hall.

Open arrival, only two other tributes were there; the girl from District Seven and the boy from District One. The latter was practicing with the punching bag while the girl appeared to have not decided on what to do yet. Kiseki’s gaze fell on the pool only seconds after Caroline, but although he was tempted as well, he didn’t join her in swimming.

The other tributes arrived shortly after they had, and just as Caroline was getting out of the pool and Kiseki was debating on a training station, Ashley and Jeremy approached Caroline. Kiseki thought about leaving politely to allow them to talk, but just as he was about to do so, he heard Ashley ask if he had been up on the roof the night before.

“No.” Caroline responded. “Him and I were talking at that time.”

“Then I guess it was his brother I was talking to. His brother Ichiru.” Kiseki was surprised that Ichiru had already spoken with someone else. Hopefully he hadn’t been threatening her or something…

“Was he being mean or something?” Caroline asked the question on Kiseki’s mind, and Ashley had a smile on her face when she responded.

“He wasn’t. I just wanted to know which twin I was talking to last night.”

It was both shocking and a relief that Ichiru was being friendly. Considering how he had been since Amber’s death, it was very strange to see him being so social.

Kiseki decided to wait for Caroline to return from changing to decide which training station to go to with her, but only a few moments into waiting he spotted a familiar dark haired boy across the room. He didn’t have to call out to him upon recognizing him, for he had already spotted him as well and was at his side in seconds.

“It’s both good and bad to see you here.” Kiseki said as his twin gave a chuckle, trying his hardest not to make a big deal out of their reunion and attract attention. However, the big smile on his face was impossible to get rid of despite his best efforts.

“I’ll say. The odds certainly weren’t in our favor this year, huh?” A grimness grew in Ichiru’s voice as he spoke, although he pushed it away again to smile at his brother. Kiseki wanted to tell him that there was hope; that if they could just survive long enough they would be saved, but he knew he couldn’t. It was good enough to be able to see him again - especially with the knowledge that they could make it through this if they just managed to survive.

“I heard you made a friend last night.” Kiseki spoke again, deciding to wait until they weren’t in such a public place to ask Ichiru about life with James. He couldn’t help but smile when the older twin’s gaze flickered over to the brunette at the knot-tying station, although judging from his amusing expression, he knew he would attempt to deny it in some form or other.

“I wouldn’t say…” He trailed off, and Kiseki sensed that somehow he couldn’t bring himself to bluntly deny it like he normally would. “I don’t think we talked long enough to determine that.” He looked at Kiseki with a smirk then. “What about you? I figured you would have befriended all twenty-four other tributes before seeing me again.”

Kiseki gave a light laugh in response.

“Not really… Somehow it’s harder to socialize here.”

“Maybe because we’re all going to be thrown into an arena to kill each other in a few days?”


"Look out!" Caitlyn had just decided to start with the archery station when Brandon’s voice rang out. She turned quickly to see that a knife was headed straight for her, but before she could dodge it or even brace for the hit, Keiru was suddenly in front of her and had caught the knife. Caitlyn could only watch in shock as he twiddled it with his fingers before flinging it back at Brandon. The blade embedded itself in the head of a dummy on his flank, leaving the male probably as equally shocked as Caitlyn.

A temporary hush seemed to have fallen over the room during the event; even Ichiru and Kiseki had stopped their conversation to watch what had happened.

“I never thought that it was possible to be killed before the Games even start…” Kiseki said softly as he watched Caitlyn, now recovered from the shock, finally follow her original choice and go to the archery range.

“It’s to be expected, though.” Ichiru responded as he looked at Brandon, who was glaring at Keiru. Matt and Brandon both seemed to have similar objectives, but with different people. The two of them were definitely threats, and obviously shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Caitlyn walked over to the archery range, which Keiru had coincidentally decided to choose as well. She still wondered why he was going through all of the trouble to keep her from harm, but she couldn’t really complain, could she?

“It seems like every time we see each other, you have to save me.” She spoke up as she picked up a bow and stood beside him, offering a smile when she finally looked over to him. “Thanks again.”

Michael Knight from District Two
Training Center

Michael had come in just in time to see what happened with Keiru and Brandon, which he had to admit had surprised him. Judging from the glares Brandon was giving Keiru afterward, he assumed it hadn’t been an accident. His gaze fell on the girl who had been the target for this ‘accident’, and had to wonder why he was targeting her. He had seen what had happened the night before, where he had tried to start a fight with her after the Tribute Parade. What was it about her that he felt so threatened or irritated by?

The blonde dismissed the thoughts, deciding not to dwell on it too much for now. His eyes fell on the swordsmanship station, but he knew that since swordsmanship was his greatest skill, he couldn’t do that until his private training sessions. He couldn’t let the other tributes see his skill before the arena and give them time to plot ways to defend it. Instead, he chose to go to the knot-tying station, which was actually one of the few things he hadn’t practiced with much at all in his life.

He noticed the twins had met up near the pool, and the nagging thought of conspiring districts came back to mind, but he pushed it away. Even if that was the case, these two didn’t appear to know about it, and for reasons unknown to him, he wanted to form an alliance with them. Of course, in order to do that he would have to speak with them first, which he was having trouble doing so far, but he would get around to it.

He walked over to the knot-tying station where three others already were; both tributes from District Twelve and the female tribute from One. He took his place beside the latter, offering a smile before busying himself first with the simpler knots.
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