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Question PMD: The Spooky goings on (Sign ups)

Welcome to the region of Illex. (any relation to Ilex forest? No one knows!) There are 3 main cities/towns in the area where most pokemon either live or work:
1. Agumamga town - Mostly simple buildings and cottages that are spread out and there is lots and lots of farmland and open fields. (population, Low)
2. Pine Market city - The best place to buy or sell things around these parts. The most advanced pieces of technology here are the windmills and the recently invented lightbulb. (population, High)
3. The Outskirts - Ancient stone buildings of various sizes litter the landscape as well as the occasional old ruins. Some choose to live nearby for the sole purpose of hunting for treasure. (population, Medium)

Everything is fine in Illex until one day a shopkeeper from Pine Market city mysteriously disappears. Police pokemon say that the store was broken into but the markings do not match up to any known pokemon species. It is as if some new kind of wild beast tore down the wooden door and did something to the Hoot hoot owner. There is only one witness but unfortunately it is a professional Mr. Mime. He has never spoken a single word, not even his own name. To make matters more complicated, this Mr. Mime has been known to exaggerate and tell stories for fun, so getting accurate information about what happened is extremely tricky.

The disappearance is disturbing but what might be more troubling are the secrets that the residents apparently have been keeping. In addition to regular pokemon, there are also otherwordly beings who live in the region. Vampire Rattatas, Werewolf Chikoritas and other strange halloween type mutants exist in Illex but no one group knows for sure who is responsible for the attack on the shop! As a citizen in one of the towns, do you try to locate and rescue Hoot hoot, search for the culprit to dish out some vigilante justice, or just try to stay out of the way to avoid stirring up trouble?

This RP follows a 7 day cycle. There is no time limit but every 7 days (in real life) the sky will change from day to night or vice versa. Saturdays will always be transition times like sunrise or sunset.

You may be any kind of (non legendary) pokemon, mutant or other supernatural blend of those things. Some creatures will be much stronger at certain times of day but be weaker or even die at others. (for example, part vampires would be super strong at night but might burst into flames if exposed to sunlight)

If you want to play as something supernatural, include it in the sign up and I will inform you of any weakness's according to this RP, if/ when your character is accepted.

Abnormal pokemon are not automatically evil. Actually this region is your home too, so you will not want to go on a killing rampage. (although you could if you really wanted to) Just be careful not to reveal your true identity!

No godmoding (but some is allowed for super natural pokemon)
If you are battling a character that is not controlled by anyone then you can do whatever you want, but if it is another player then no auto hitting.
No controlling each other without permission

If the location of the 3 towns was compared to a clock, then Agumamga town would be at 10, Pine Market city at 6 and The Outskirts at 3 o'clock. There are dirt roads, murky forests and dark dungeons seperating/ connecting each of the towns.

At night, random generic pokemon may attack if you are not in a town. (level of threat Very high)
During the day, random blood sucking plant pokemon may attack if you are in one of the forests. (level of threat low - medium)

Sign up sheet

Species: (optional, put a sub species such as werewolf in parentheses here)
Appearance: (any special markings or clothing)
Age: (1-200)
Day job:
Hometown: (Agumamga town, Pine Market city or The Outskirts)

This would also be the place to ask any questions
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