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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Hey, I'm really glad you liked it! :D I always thought that the BW female protagonist looked like a rebel, with the way she dresses with torn shorts and hiking boots, lol. Zayna here is pretty much a cameo of the main character I used for one of my fanfictions ^^ I'm really looking forward to using her here! :D And it'd be neat to see her interact with Crystal (lol, I'm not sure if she and Crystal have the same personalities. Zayna's too much of a rebel xD)

And I can work with the idea of one of the tournaments being used to find a replacement... or come up with another idea
Oh, do you have an idea? :o *curious*

I'll get to typing up my first post tonight, hopefully, though it might not get posted till tomorrow morning. Still, before I do, I want to add Cheren here as a NPC:


Name: Cheren

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Personality: Cheren is quite intellectual, which leads him to be quite a serious youth. He can get a little impatient when it comes to goofing around, but since the end of the Plasma struggles he has grown a little more even-tempered. At one time, Cheren was obsessed with strength, but he has come to realize that there are more important things to life. He is very mature for his age and now devotes himself to teaching others the hard lessons he learned from his Pokémon Journey.

Home World:
Pokemon (Unova region)

History: Cheren started his Pokémon Journey with Zayna and Bianca roughly three years ago, but unlike the others, his goal was to become the strongest Trainer ever. Though—like Zayna—he aced his way through Gym challenges, he was never able to actually defeat Zayna in battle.

The farther he went in his journey, the more this came to frustrate him. How, after all his training and learning, could he only be second best? It wasn’t until Cheren met Alder that he began to question whether or not strength was all that fulfilling.

After Cheren helped Zayna bring down Team Plasma, the youth came to realize some truths about himself. For a while, he stayed within the caves of Victory Road, practically living as a hermit until he learned to accept his faults. Thankfully, he had friends like Zayna, Bianca, and Alder to help him through his worst. Wishing to prevent others from making his mistakes, Cheren opted to become a teacher at a Trainer School that was being set up in southern Unova.

Just before the merge happened, Cheren replaced Lenora as the Basic Badge Gym Leader. He retained his gym after the merge and also became a minor member of the Council—but unlike Zayna, he’s been attending to his duties. He’s been pretty busy, being a teacher, a Leader, and a Council Member all at the same time, but he’s quite happy knowing that he’s been able to make a difference in many people’s lives.

Pokémon (Normal Team): Shadow (female Liepard); Basil (Male Simisage); Pippin (Male Unfezant); Quake (Male Gigalith); Flint (Male Haxorus); Hercules (Male Emboar)

Link: None

Other: Cheren’s a NPC, since I intend to use first-person perspective in this RP (Also… I may or may not be hopping into a certain shipping here—if you read my last WAR Creative Writing entry… I think you’ll know where I’m going with this ;) )

I do plan on adding N, but probably not till later on~!

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