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Default Comet Outpost

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 24 hours.

Comet Outpost features a breathtaking view of East Celestia and Champion Valley from its place above Eclipse Tunnel. Despite being up on the mountain, the town is leafy and cool, benefitting from the surrounding trees. It receives only morning sun and is soon plunged into shade by the shadow of Mt. Era. A small community lives here with a rich history of legendary trainers. The village elders are said to have information about legendary Pokemon, but they will not speak to trainers who have not defeated the Elite Four. At the northern end of the village, under the shade of the trees, is a small shrine to the legendary Pokemon Mew, the ancestor of all Pokemon. Trainers who make the long journey to pay respect at the shrine are said to be rewarded with good luck on their travels. Researchers who are currently excavating Eclipse Tunnel are also camped here a little further down the mountain.. An Explorer Kit may be purchased to hunt for fossils.


Ancestor Shrine
An old shrine dedicated to the ancestor of all Pokemon. It is a solid stone monument with a plaque honouring the legendary Pokemon. While it is old and crumbling in places, the townsfolk clearly take care of it. Trainers and Pokemon come to pay their respects.

Research Camp
A camp where researches investigating Pokemon fossils are currently staying. An Explorer Kit can be purchased from here.

Wild Pokemon


Eclipse Tunnel

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