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Default Eclipse Tunnel

Requirements: Flash is required to enter the tunnel.
Travel time: 48 hours.

This tunnel was created by researchers looking for Pokemon fossils. It leads from the base of the mountain range up to Comet Outpost. Inside it is cool and dry. Permanent lights are banned as they disturb the wild Pokemon, thus Trainers are required to bring their own light source in the form of a Pokemon with Flash. Wooden beams have been used as structural supports in the tunnel and these wooden archways can be found throughout. Many different tunnels twist and turn under the mountain, some made by humans and some by Pokemon and many ending in dead ends. The tunnel is hard to navigate and is recommended only for experienced Trainers. Strength and Rock Smash are required to make it through to Comet Outpost. An Explorer Kit is required to hunt for fossils. Many Pokemon also live in the tunnel, and Trainers are banned from the tunnel during winter so that hibernating Pokemon will not be disturbed.

Excavation Site
A place where researchers are searching for Pokemon fossils. Trainers may try their luck if they possess an Explorer Kit.

Wild Pokemon


Comet Outpost
(Rock Smash, Strength)
Route 19

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