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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Name: Zayna White

Age: 17

Gender: Female

(credit to original artist)

[B]Zayna actually has taken to wearing a black overcoat and Gatsby cap, much like the Battle Subway Bosses—but usually only wears this when she’s underground (it’s too hot up above).

Folks might say Zayna has a bit of an attitude problem, but Zayna doesn’t really put much stock in what others think of her. She considers herself strong-willed (most consider her bull-headed) and determined (stubborn). The teen is equal parts “small-town-girl” and “tomboy”, leading her to be a bit laid back but very independent. While cities hold their charms, Zayna much prefers to be in the great outdoors away from the hassles of bustling crowds.

Despite the attributes listed above, Zayna can be a friendly person. She is quite loyal to her friends—especially her childhood friends Cheren and Bianca (though the relationship with the former is a little… strained…). Her closest bonds are with her Pokémon, who are practically family to her. Many people admire her for her bravery and strength, both of which she put to use to save the Unova region from oppression.

However, since the “merge” Zayna has become a little… prickly. Zekrom’s disappearance has been taking its toll on the young heroine, and unfortunately she places all the blame on the world’s transformation. She pretends to be unhappy with how things have changed, when truthfully she’s only making herself miserable. The young teen has also been plagued with migraines; whether this is due to separation anxiety or the overwhelming amount of changes remains to be seen, but the headaches only serve to make her grouchier. She’s been avoiding her duties as Champion, and avoiding people in general.

Home World: Pokémon (Unova Region)


Pre-merge long story:

Zayna’s first great adventure began with a gift—a package wrapped in a green bow that held her first Pokémon ever. It was clear even after her first two battles against her best friends that she was destined for greatness. But not even she could have guessed what fate had in store for her, what challenges awaited her.

Her first encounter with Team Plasma was harmless, though their message caught her a little of guard. Their “Pokémon liberation” platform didn’t make much sense to her at the time, but as she clashed with them more and more she began to realize that their actions weren’t as good as their intentions. She stood up against the organization and put an end to many of their schemes, while boldly defending the ideal that people and Pokémon can coexist peacefully.

Zayna caught the attention of a mysterious trainer called N—later revealed to be the leader of Team Plasma. Her nearly constant victories led N to question his own standings, and so, to test himself, N pulled Zayna into the legend he was trying to reenact. After infiltrating Dragonspiral Tower, the so-called King revived Reshiram and became the new Hero of Truth. At the same time, he challenged Zayna to find Zekrom—Reshiram’s counterpart—and become his rival as the Hero of Ideals. Should both she and the champion of Unova fail to defeat him, then N would truly be able to carry out his desire to liberate Pokémon forever.

Zayna went on a wild goose chase thereafter to find the Dark Stone, desperate to stop N and Team Plasma’s schemes once and for all. While an escapade in the Relic Castle had no results, she was finally able to track it down at Nacrene’s museum.

However, Zekrom didn’t appear to her. The Stone remained inert.

Dismayed, Zayna and her friends weren’t quite sure what to do. But Legend or no Legend, Zayna knew that she had to do something—even if it meant challenging the Pokémon League. With resolution, hardly knowing what to expect, Zayna traveled to the League. She took on the Elite Four and somehow made it to the champion… but just in time to see Alder get defeated by N.

The legend then reaches its climax as Zayna finally challenges N to battle. In that moment of bravery, the Dark Stone began to stir. That’s when Zayna forged a new connection—something that ran deeper and stronger than any bond she had had with anything before. When Zekrom reared his head and roared for the first time in ages, he was already an integral part of who she was. With both of their strength and resolve in heart, Zayna and Zekrom defeated N and Reshiram, solidifying their ideals.

Team Plasma was finally defeated, and some ugly truths were revealed. But Zayna suddenly found herself with a new title: Champion of Unova.

It came as a shock to her at first when she was suddenly burdened with new responsibilities. Before the merge, she shouldered them with patience. Her first act as Champion was to weed Unova of what remained of Team Plasma, and with the help of Looker she tracked down six of the seven sages.

Pre-merge Short Story:
She kicked butt.


Much to her chagrin, Zayna is unable to remember anything that happened to her the week before the merge actually happened. All she knows is that when she woke up in a Pokémon Center three days after the merge, finding that the world had been completely transformed. And, that also…

Zekrom was gone.

After recovering from mysterious injuries, Zayna tried to adjust to life in the new world. Yet it has been difficult for her, since she feels a void where Zekrom once was. It’s almost as if he took a part of her when he disappeared. Her misery is being channeled into frustration with all the changes that have taken place. As Champion of the Unova region, Zayna was recruited into the Counsel, and while at first she tried to lend her assistance for the good of her people, she quickly became disillusioned with her title, weary of the politics it suddenly came to involved.

With her agitation mounting, Zayna has been neglecting her duties as Champion and refuses to have anything to do with the Counsel. Instead, she’s been busying herself with rebuilding the Battle Subway—which she hopes to expand beyond what was once Unova. Through this, she has had the opportunity to travel about. It was through one of these trips that she encountered a rather distraught Victini…

Sniper (Male Serperior), Lilly (Female Herdier), Kiki (Female Simipour), Terra (Female Scrafty), Archie (Male Archeops), Makar (Male Victini)

Link: Zekrom

Other: If it's alright with you, I was wondering if one of the tournaments the Council's forming is designed to replace Zayna, since she's been... uncooperative xD
I am gonna be completely honest... I love this. This is a different take on the character than I would have thought. Her character is very interesting, and I would love to see how she interacts with my character Crystal if they were to meet (since Crystal would be the Kanto champion if the battle she had with the champ was an official league battle, plus in a way they have similar personalities in my opinion). I look forward to seeing how well she does in this new world :3 And I can work with the idea of one of the tournaments being used to find a replacement... or come up with another idea. It adds a new element to the story.

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