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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Keiru&Amelia Kozaka,District One/Brandon Lockhart,District Ten
At Capitol-Training Room

Keiru heard a sigh of relief in the near silent room, and turned to see Caitlyn standing in the room, a smile rising on his face when he saw her. He was about to make his way over to talk to her when the other tributes started to arrive, and he instead walked over to his sister who had arrived.

"How'd the training go then thus far?" Amelia asked, smiling.

Keiru merely shrugged in response before smiling in return, his gaze falling onto the archery area, and looked back at his sister after making a decision.

"Hey, I'll be fine, I'll go do things like fire-making, knot-tying, things like that." Amelia muttered, walking away, leaving Keiru on his own.

He shook his head, a smile on his face, and began walking towards where he could do archery, walking in the direction of Caitlyn, and it was as he came alongside her that a shout filled the room.

"Look out!" Brandon called, trying to feign an accident after purposely aiming a throwing knife at Caitlyn, the knife intended for her shoulder, to incapacitate her and make her useless in the arena, but it was now actually heading for her neck.

Before it could make contact, Keiru had grabbed the hilt of the throwing knife, and twiddled with it in his fingers, before flinging it back at Brandon, and it embedded in the dummy at his rear. Keiru flashed a smirk on his face as he turned his head to make sure Caitlyn was unharmed, before arriving at the archery range, picking up a bow and a quiver, and readied the bow and arrow, taking aim, and releasing the arrow, the arrow landing just below the center of the target.

Brandon meanwhile shot glares at Keiru, before turning his head back to the dummy he had been facing, which he had chosen for the specific reason of "accidentally" throwing a knife at Caitlyn who he had seen standing at the perfect position for such a thing to happen, though he was now cursing mentally as he couldn't throw another one at her, it'd be too suspicious.

Amelia was busy at the knot-tying section, not lifting her head up when Ashley and Jeremy turned up, listening to the instructor explain knot-tying to them. She worked through a varying number of simple knots, before working her way towards more advanced knots.

Christian Wright,District Nine
Capitol-Training Room

Christian had settled himself into using a sword, trying to get the hang of things, when a shout filled the air, and he turned his head to see Keiru catch a knife in mid-flight, before throwing it precisely into the head of the dummy behind the person who had thrown the knife in the first place. Christian raised an eyebrow in interest. Keiru had caught the knife whilst walking and not even looking at it, before throwing the knife with remarkable aim into the head of a dummy a good distance away.

He was not one to be taken lightly, Christian could work that much out. How much of a threat exactly, that was still unknown. He appeared to be quite strong, as well as agile, and a punch from him would not be something good, Christian having noticed him boxing earlier. When he saw Keiru pick up a bow and just narrowly miss the center, he knew that the tribute was well-rounded in his skills. Christian turned to look at his partner, smiling softly.
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