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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

DarkRed is Vahn
Sienna is Goku
DimGray is some recurring character

Vahn D Brande & Son Goku
Dragon Slayer & Fighter Mage
Outskirts of Westwood Stronghold


A loud bellow could be heard from miles away from Westwood Stronghold. A screechy voice no resident from Westwood could forget. It has embed in their hearts from the very first day they adopted the boy. Vahn was frustrated to hear the late news of a rock slide that occurred hours ago, and blocked off the passageways north and east of Westwood Stronghold, which were the only ways to get out of the city. As the city wasn't hugely populated and thanks to its rural like livelihood, there wasn't much of a transport in and out of the city. To add on, the rural city is 'caved' in between two mountain regions, which also makes it impossible for aircraft carriers or any form of air transport to be in use there.

"Give it up, Vahn. We must find another way, and you yelling like an idiot won't help a bit", Goku spat on the ground.

"Was that spit meant for my face? And you're the IDIOT! What other way IS there?! You and I both grew up in Westwood and we both know there isn't any other way out of the city.."

"This is why you're the idiot. We've been there for how long again? There are OLDER people that we could consult regarding this matter, can't we? For example, our mentor, our foster father?"

"That old fart can barely do anything for the both of us right now, it's just been minutes since we've left!" Vahn exclaimed.

30 minutes later...

"...and by using the waterway passage under this well, you will end up in the sewers nearby Southport. Once you've reached there, get a change of clothes from the local marketplace. I'm also sorry to send of you both off dirty on your very first adventure, but this is the only other way out of the city. And judging by the looks of it, you two are going to travel a lot too, will you two be fine?"

"Don't worry about us, Chief. We'll make it through, his idiocy has its boundaries and doesn't spread." Goku replied.

"And your humor is as dry as a desert, even when the heavens cry of your jokes as a pity, they WILL STILL BE DRY!" Vahn smirked.

"It's a one way trip boys, so have you gotten everything?"



And with a hard shove, both Vahn and Goku tripped and fell into the well, and before they could scream at their foster father with all their heart, the sound of the crashing waves inside overcame their own, and soon enough, they were long gone.

"You two might be idiots, but you're my idiots. Don't give up on one another, and always watch the other's back. I will be waiting for you, my sons. I will be waiting..." the Guardian smiled, as the scene shifted back to Vahn and co.


Vahn D Brande & Son Goku
Dragon Slayer & Fighter Mage
Sewers nearby Southport

"WE HAVE ARRIVED!" Vahn bellowed.

"...and we stink." Goku sighed.

"Let us get some new clothes while we're at it. We don't want to attract any people, not by this stink especially!"

"Shouldn't we be trying to save as much gold as we can? Our journey is going to be somewhat long like father mentioned."

"Who ever said we were going to buy any? Just follow my lead." Vahn stepped out a little, and noticed a sailor not far away from him, unloading some boxes from a ship.

"Let's see if he can help!"

"This is NOT going to end well. But what the hell? Let's go!"


Note: Ask the Sailor for any kind of clothing that the boys could have for use.

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