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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Lumi (Frost) the human
Any Street near the market, Southport

It wasn’t Frost’s cup of sunshine, being active on the streets during this busy time of day. The crowd of all races and species invaded the streets, headed in various directions, although toward the marketplace seemed to be the most common. It was sign enough for the young woman to avoid the area, or at least until everyone went away.

The only advantage there was to this situation was that nobody seemed to pay her much attention. Apart from the occasional glancing, none of these passersby made any effort to strike a conversation or anything of the sort. It was as if Frost was invisible, hanging on the outer reaches of the crowds. If she could avoid it, she wouldn’t jump in the heart of it. Being away from the centre action allowed for more freedom and less personal space violation.

After a while of aimless wondering, Frost came to rest on a small bench. She’d come a long way and hadn’t stopped much today. Her head came to sit on the back, her eye focusing on the late afternoon sky. Of course, the young woman made sure her action didn’t move the hair covering her blind eye…

At first, the crowd’s endless bantering didn’t interest her, but then the voices of two travelers caught her ear, their words interesting. It was worth trying to hear beyond the loudening of the those passing by…

Listen (Wis) on the travelers.

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