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Default Route 18

Route 18
Requirements: Cut is required to use this route.
Travel time: 60 hours without an Electric-type, 48 hours with an Electric-type

Route 18 winds through the depths of Eternity Forest and can only be accessed using a Pokemon that knows the HM Cut. Under the tree canopy it is as dark as twilight, even on bright summer days. The forest is too deep here for sun-loving Pokemon and people often get the feeling of being watched. Despite being a path to a major city, Route 18 is seldom travelled, with residents and visitors to Apollo preferring to Fly or venture through Nightfall Labyrinth. Route 18 is said to be difficult to navigate due to the uniform foliage and darkness. It is a long route which can take many days to travel. The time can be hastened with help from an Electric-type Pokemon to light the way.


Wild Pokemon

TM76 Struggle Bug can be found by the side of the path.

Apollo City
Route 4

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