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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four
At The Capitol

Caroline gave Kiseki a smile as he entered the kitchen, seeing that he was showered and dressed. Stefan gave a smile of his own as well, though he took out a small piece of paper and pen from his pocket and quickly wrote something, then sliding it across the table to the two tributes. Caroline looked at Stefan in confusion, then down at the paper which said 'Don't mention anything about the Rebellion right now because of the Avoxes. We were lucky that they weren't in the room last night, but now they're here. If they find out then they will notify the Capitol in hopes of being free from their slavery.' Caroline pushed the note towards Kiseki, giving Stefan a nod as she ate a piece of bacon.

"When should we go down to training?" Caroline asked as the prep team walked in. Caroline gave Kiseki a few more moments to read the paper until she handed it back to Stefan, the curly haired blonde not sure if the rest of the group knew about the Rebellion.

"Well all of the tributes have to be down there by ten, but they could go down earlier as well." Stefan responded, pushing the paper in his pocket. Caroline nodded, taking a sip of orange juice. Once she was finished she stood up, an Avox taking her emptied plate.

"I'm gonna start heading down there." Caroline said.

"Okay. I'll be down there in about fifteen minutes." Stefan responded.

"Why are you coming?" Caroline asked in confusion.

"Because the mentors can watch with the Gamemakers and Sponsors as well." Stefan said as Caroline nodded, leaving the room and taking the elevator down to the training center, which was underground. During the years the training center has greatly increased in size, adding a full running track which circled the entire room and even had an in-ground Olympic sized pool. When Caroline reached the training center she noticed that there were only two other tributes present at the moment, though her eyes quickly found the pool, her body moving towards it before she could stop herself.

The curly haired blonde knelt down by the edge of the pool and placed her hand in the water, feeling the water's coolness as she looked at the liquid. Caroline couldn't help herself, getting the okay from the lifeguard that was sitting in a white chair on the other side of the pool and walked into the female's changing room, where brand new one-piece bathing suits were provided. Caroline walked out a few moments later in a one-piece light blue bathing suit, her hair still tied back as she dived in the water. She knew that she shouldn't show her advanced skills to other tributes of her advanced swimming and being able to hold her breath for a really long time, so she just swam laps in only half pace then what she was used to, pretending to work on her swimming skills. Caroline knew not to be in the pool for too long however since she knew she needed to go to stations where she needed actual practice in, so she would only do a few laps and enjoy the water.

Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
At The Capitol

The next morning came as Ashley opened her eyes, seeing Aria still fast asleep right beside her. Ashley knew that her daughter needed to wake up soon to get ready for the day, though she looked so peaceful in her sleep. Ashley decided to let the toddler sleep, slowly slipping out of bed and walking out of the room, quietly closing the door behind her. When the brunette walked into the kitchen she saw that everyone was already awake and eating, bringing her to look at the group in confusion.

"What time is it?" Ashley asked.

"A little passed eight." Kenny responded.

"Oh... I thought it was later since everyone is awake." Ashley sighed in relief, sitting down next to her father and putting three waffles on her plate.

"How did Aria sleep?" Katniss asked as Ashley was putting vanilla ice cream and whipped cream on top of her waffles, along with chocolate syrup and cherries.

"She was out like a light." Ashley responded with a chuckle. "I sang her the meadow lullaby and she fell right to sleep."

"That's good." Peeta said as he bit into a strawberry.

"I'm gonna be watching her today while you guys do whatever it is you have to do." Kenny said. "I know Ashley and Jeremy are going to be busy in training while mom and dad are going to be talking with sponsors and all that fun stuff."

"Just be sure to keep a close eye on her. Aria can be very sneaky when she wants to be." Jeremy said.

"Hmm, I wonder where she gets that from." Peeta commented as he looked over to Ashley, who had a large piece of waffle shoved in her mouth.

"What?" Ashley mumbled, chewing and swallowing her food.

"Nothing." Jeremy chuckled.

"Mommy!" Aria's scream quickly filled the room, bringing everyone to rush out of their chairs and race to the bedroom. "Mommy!" Aria cried again, Ashley reaching the door first as she swung it open, seeing Aria standing up on the bed.

"What's wrong?" Ashley asked as she quickly crossed the room and wrapped her arms around the toddler, who was trembling.

"I woke up and you weren't here... I thought you were gone in the Games." Aria responded, crying in Ashley's shoulder.

"Shh, it's okay. Mommy's here." Ashley said softly as she ran her fingers through Aria's hair. The rest of the group knew to give Ashley and Aria space, returning to the kitchen while Ashley calmed down her daughter. After a few minutes of reassuring the toddler that everything was okay Ashley carried her to the kitchen, Aria's eyes puffed red from crying as Ashley sat her down in a chair.

"Can I have oatmeal?" Aria asked in a soft tone, the toddler still a bit upset.

"Of course." Ashley said with a small smile, putting some cinnamon oatmeal in a bowl and mixing some milk into it to cool it down. "Do you want some fruit on top?" Aria nodded, pointing at some blueberries, apple slices which were cut into cubes, strawberry slices and cranberries. Ashley placed the fruit on top of the oatmeal and sat in down in front of Aria, handing her a spoon as the toddler silently ate. After pouring Aria a glass of apple juice she sat down between her daughter and father, beginning to eat her breakfast again.

"At least Aria is having a healthy breakfast, unlike some people at this table." Jeremy chuckled as he looked at Ashley, trying to brighten Aria's mood.

"Waffles are a very good breakfast." Ashley laughed as Aria looked up.

"Yeah, minus the ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup." Katniss joined in.

"Hey! There's cherries in here which is healthy." Ashley responded, bringing Aria to finally laugh. Once Jeremy and Ashley were finished with breakfast the two got dressed, changing into comfortable work-out clothes and boots, Ashley tying her hair up in a ponytail.

"Why can't I come too?" Aria asked as she was finishing with her oatmeal.

"Because I don't want you near the other tributes." Ashley responded. "That could put you in serious danger if they have a strong grudge against Jeremy and I."

"But I want to come and watch!" Aria said with a pout, bringing Ashley to walk over to the kitchen table and kneel down beside her daughter.

"I promise I'll be back in a few hours for lunch. All of the tributes are forced to eat lunch together in the main hall so when we have lunch later I'll be able to keep a close eye on you." Ashley said, giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek. "Now you listen to uncle Kenny, okay?"

"Okay." Aria nodded, Ashley giving her a kiss one last time before standing up and walking out of the room with Jeremy, Peeta and Katniss.

"Now remember what we said. Don't show your true skills in front of the other tributes." Peeta said in the elevator. His children nodded, the group walking into the training center. It was a little after nine in the morning but it looked like now almost all of the tributes were here, bringing Ashley's gaze to fall on a familiar blonde by the pool who was getting out of the water.

"There's Caroline." Ashley said, looking over to her parents. They gave a nod of approval, Ashley and Jeremy walking towards Caroline as Peeta and Katniss sat high in the stands to watch over everything.

"Hey stranger." Jeremy called out as Caroline turned around, a smile going across her face.

"Hey." Caroline said, ringing the water out of her hair. Ashley's gaze fell to the water in the pool, fear washing over her but didn't let it show. Ashley wasn't able to swim, water being her major weakness and fear.

"How long have you been down here?" Ashley asked as she turned back to Caroline.

"For a little while now. I couldn't resist the water as soon as I saw it." Caroline chuckled. It was then that the thought of Ashley talking to one of the twins last night came to mind, the brunette wanting to know who she was talking to.

"What's the boy's name from your District?" Ashley asked in curiosity.

"His name is Kiseki. Why?" Caroline asked.

"Last night, did he go up onto the roof around eleven?"

"No." Caroline shook her head. "Him and I were talking at that time."

"Then I guess it was his brother who I was talking to. His brother Ichiru." Ashley said.

"Was he being mean or something?" Caroline asked.

"He wasn't." Ashley shook her head with a smile. "I just wanted to know which twin I was talking to last night." Caroline smiled, nodding her head as she began to walk towards the female's changing room.

"I'm gonna go change back into my normal clothes, so I'll see you guys later." Caroline said, Ashley and Jeremy nodding as they turned around and walked away.

"So what station do you want to start first?" Jeremy asked, the two looking around. Ashley's gaze instantly fell on Matt who held a spear in his hand, giving Ashley a smirk.

"Let's, umm... go over to the knot-tying section." Ashley responded, the station being on the opposite side of the room then where Matt was. Jeremy nodded, the two siblings walking over to the station and paid attention to what the instructor was saying to them.

"Coral." Matt said as he looked over to his partner, the red haired female tribute from his District.

"Yeah?" Coral asked, her hair only going down to her shoulders, though she was really pretty.

"How about the two of us focus on killing the rich brats over there." Matt said as he looked up to Jeremy and Ashley, Coral looking up as well. She smiled evilly, looking back to Matt.

"That sounds perfect." Coral responded.
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