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Kiseki Kagami from District Four

"Oh my God..." After a few moments of silence, Caroline finally spoke, bringing Kiseki to look at her in question as she looked at him with a shocked expression. "They're starting another Rebellion."

“Another what? Caroline--” Kiseki cut off when the blonde quickly moved passed him and out of the room, turning to follow her down the hall.

"Why did you keep this from me?"

He arrived at the doorway to what appeared to be Stefan’s room as Caroline was speaking, seeing the blonde standing in front of Stefan with her arms crossed.

"Keep what?" Stefan was obviously confused when he responded.

"The Rebellion!" Caroline‘s yell surprised Kiseki, but he didn‘t show it outwardly, instead listening to the conversation that followed. "Four months ago I heard you talking with my parents about it, though I didn't put the pieces together back then. And now I hear that you told Kiseki that something was going to happen, which these special papers were involved, which let me finally piece together everything! Why didn't you tell me about this?"

"Kiseki told you about our conversation?" Stefan gave a sigh and rose to his feet. Kiseki was just about to speak up to defend himself, since Stefan hadn’t told him not to tell anyone else, but stopped when the older male continued. "I didn't tell you because I needed to protect you, Caroline. What if somehow the planning for the Rebellion got out to the Capitol, or to Districts One and Two? They would interrogate you, though you wouldn't know anything, and when they realized that then they would let you go. This is why it's been a secret throughout Districts Three through Thirteen, so you and Kiseki can't tell anyone. Kiseki can't even tell his own brother; not yet." He put his hands on Caroline‘s shoulders as Kiseki frowned, not exactly pleased with not being able to provide Ichiru with any mental relief for the situation yet. "I'm sorry that I didn't tell you, but you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone else."

Kiseki turned and left then, thankful to have not been noticed during the conversation. The revelation that districts Three through Thirteen were planning a rebellion was a bit much to take in all of a sudden, and it made it worse that he couldn’t tell anyone. But then again, it also made sense to keep quiet about it to the other tributes. Once they were in the arena, everything they said and did would be televised, so if word of a rebellion was spread amongst the tributes, the Capitol would hear it and put a stop to it. Even here, they were probably being closely monitored outside their rooms. But at least there was hope now. All they had to do was stay alive and round up as many allies as they could, and when the time came they would all be taken out somehow. It sounded easy enough, but this was the Hunger Games they were talking about… nothing would be easy in that arena.

Morning crept up on the restless teen much more quickly than expected. He had spent a lot of the night in thought, and had barely gotten any sleep. He was actually almost happy to see the sunlight that flooded his room first thing in the morning, which meant that he could get up and leave this room which had suddenly become so suffocating. The thought to wander around in the middle of the night had come to him, but in the end he had dismissed it. What would he have done besides pacing the hall, anyway?

After a shower and a change of clothes, Kiseki made his way down to the kitchen, where he saw Caroline and Stefan already at the table and eating. For reasons unknown to him, he almost turned back around and left, but the persistent rumbling of his stomach told him that if he didn’t eat something he was going to have a rough day. He had ignored it the day before, which had made it all the more insistent today.

He managed a meek greeting to the two as he entered the room and retrieved some food from the table, taking a seat across from them. He didn’t know why, but somehow he felt so out of place all of a sudden. Maybe it was just the effects of his lack of sleep? It had to be something. It wasn’t like him to feel uncomfortable around people - especially when they had done nothing to make him feel that way.

Caitlyn Walker from District Seven
Capitol - Roof > Capitol > Training Room

“So, any strategies besides just staying alive?” The next morning, Caitlyn sat with Jason and Daniel once again as the trio had their breakfast.

Daniel looked at Jason for a moment before giving a chuckle.

“I think I can add a bit more to it. First of all, find some tributes to form an alliance with. The more of you there are, the more likely you are to survive the rest of the game.”

“But… wouldn’t we just have to kill them at the end?” Caitlyn asked as a frown came onto her face. Daniel’s expression mirrored her own for a moment before his smile returned.

“Don’t worry about that. Just find as many tributes for your alliance as you can. Also, when you’re released from your platforms, do not charge straight toward the Cornucopia. There’s a reason it’s called a Bloodbath, you know.”

“But then, how do we get our weapons for survival?” Jason questioned. “The best ones will be picked first.”

“A real survivor can manage with anything handed to them.” Daniel replied, and this time Jason was the one to frown. “Your main concern should be water, food, and warmth. Several tributes die just from starving or freezing to death, or more commonly, dehydration. Those are bigger threats to you than the rest of the tributes.”

“But in order to get food, we would need weapons.” Jason argued, and although Caitlyn was quiet, she agreed. She knew there would most likely be wild animals in the arena, but how could they kill them without weapons? It would be a bit difficult to do it with their hands, and she personally preferred not to.

“Just trust me.” Daniel appeared to be getting exasperated. Jason dropped the conversation with a sigh, and the room fell into silence as the trio went back to eating their breakfast.

Caitlyn had already fallen deep into thought shortly after Daniel mentioned finding allies. There was one specific person who she would like to be in an alliance with, but she was still worried about the fact that toward the end of the Games they would be expected to kill each other. The way Jason had smiled when he replied to her made it seem like he knew something they didn’t - something good. If that was the case, why wasn’t he sharing it with them?

The brunette rose from her seat after she had finished her breakfast, bringing both Jason and Daniel to look at her in question.

“I’m gonna head down to the Training Room early.”

“That’s a good idea. You might be able to get some individual training finished before the other tributes arrive.” Daniel spoke with a smile, although a frown had returned to Jason’s face.

“Try not to get into another fight.” He smirked at Caitlyn, who looked at him with something akin to a glare. “Tributes seem to be targeting you for some reason.”

“Maybe they see me as more of a threat than you.” The brunette responded with a smirk, the sharp, defensive edge of her personality emerging without her realizing. “You’ve been pretty invisible to them so far. Though that’s probably a good thing.”

“I imagine it is.” Jason remained calm despite the girl’s subtle insult. He had already figured out in their short time around each other here that Caitlyn had a harsher side to her personality that unexpectedly came out when she felt defensive or threatened. “I would offer to come with you, but you probably don’t want that, do you?” He didn’t give her time to respond, instead flashing her a smile. “If something happens, I’ll be the one to save you. Can’t have my partner dying before the Games even begin, now can I?”

“Gee, thanks for your concern.” Jason chuckled as Caitlyn turned around and left, and Daniel gave a sigh.

“Don’t tease her too much, Jason. You don’t want to get on her bad side and ruin your partnership.”

“Ah, she’ll be fine.”

Caitlyn walked into the training room only moments later, finding it empty, as expected. She looked at all of the stations; all of which taught different skills and techniques for survival in the Games. It was a good thing they got a decent amount of time to work with them all.

It wasn’t until a few moments later of surveying the room that the brunette finally heard something. She looked in the direction of the sounds to see a punching bag - along with another male. At first she didn’t recognize him because his hair was different, and she didn’t remember seeing a tribute with such a style, but when she caught a glimpse of his face, she realized it was none other than Keiru. She couldn’t help but give a soft sigh of relief at the realization, having begun to get tense after thinking she was here alone with another stranger.

OOC: I apologize for cutting Caitlyn's post off suddenly, but I couldn't think of anything for her to say, and I've already taken long enough to post as it is >< I'll do Michael's and Ichiru's in my next one.
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