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Default Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

The world of Gaia is a magical, magnificent, and inspiring world. Dreams become reality. Magic is a fundamental part of life as are the different deities. Hundreds of different species of creature live in harmony, living by the rules set by nature and the gods. It was never challenged for many centuries. But in recent years the shift of power has tilted in the kingdom of Aloria. Belief turned to disbelief. Good turned into evil. Peaceful towns turned chaotic. And in some cases healthy individuals suddenly went into comas, or even lost their lives. Many brave adventurers went forth to try and find the cause of this dark time and slay it, but either they were corrupted themselves or lost to the world. And with those who still believed and prayed to the deities, the legendary Pokémon and beings with unimaginable strengths, no divine power answered their pleas to intervene and stop the madness.

With the power of darkness growing every day there is little hope left in many of the people. Even when backs were turned to them, the deities have been keeping their eyes one the events of the land. They had not found their chosen to defeat the being that is bringing this chaos to the world, however some individuals have been seen with great potential. These individuals shall be put through a series of tests, and if conquered they should have the strength and power necessary to bring peace to Aloria once again. Shall the potential chosen be able to conquer not only their trials but also the darkness? Will these adventurers even follow the right path, instead choosing to play along for their own, personal benefit? The outcomes of this adventure shall be told by the dice, and with the luck of the roll it shall be an interesting tale to tell.
  • All PE2K rules
  • No god-modding
  • Bunnying allowed by another player only if given permission. The DM is allowed to take temporary control of characters at any time
  • This will be a teenage rated role play for violence, mild language, blood, possible mild gore, character death and mild romance. Keep romance at a PG13 level
  • Please let the DM know in advance if you will be absent so your character does not get left behind
  • This is a Dungeons & Dragons style role play, so there is going to be a dice roll factor that the DM will use. If you are wanting to do an action, you cannot say whether or not you were successful depending on if the action needs a dice roll (feel free to question if a certain action needs a roll or not). The required dice for certain actions will be rolled three times, the lowest number being used for the result.
  • There will be two types of situations in the RP - Free Action and Turned Base. Free action means you can have your character do whatever you'd like without needing a DM post unless there is a NPC involved or a roll needed. Turn Base is when everyone posts in an order given by the DM. This is mainly used in combat. Only one post per player in the given order until the DM declares it Free Action once again
  • CM is the Dungeon Master, or DM for short. The DM basically has control over your souls… or at least your characters.
  • Headers are required in every post, and must include character name, race, class, and location (if you're with the main group you can simply put "with group" or something along those lines). Affected roleplayers (ARPers) is recommended for the header, but isn't a requirement.
  • To make things easier on the DM please state either in a Player's Note at the end of or in parentheses somewhere in your post what roll might need to be done for certain actions or checks.
  • IC posts can be in first or third person and DM posts will most likely be inconsistant in terms of PoV depending on situation.

(c) Kamikaze

Skyspire - The capital city. The largest city of the region, so named after the Skyspire Citadel that is located in the center of the city. The Skyspire Citadel is a architectural wonder of white marble, with slender spires that seem to reach for the sky. It is the seat of power for the royal family. Within the citadel there are marvelous gardens, a courtyard that could hold a small village, and the great Skyspire Library.
The banner associated with the city is a snow-white spire on a royal purple background.

Stonewatch Keep and Northwatch Keep - Originally these were outposts that housed a small garrison, meant to be able to warn the capital in the case of an attack. Now that the region is all under the same ruler, their strategic value has lessened, but they have both grown into larger settlements, with plenty of merchants and craftsmen setting up shop in these growing communities.
(They use the royal banner of Skyspire.)

Lakeshire and Riverrun - Mainly fishing settlements, they also serve as ferry stations for those who wish to travel across the river rather than taking the road to the north.
(They use the royal banner of Skyspire.)

Easthaven - A fairly secluded city, many retired merchants who have done well in their affairs settle down here. It is home to many great philosophers, and houses one of the two public libraries of any scholarly standard in the region, the other being the one in Skyspire. It also houses a dock, though nothing that can rival the much busier docks that can be found in Southport. Also the location where the Underground main base is located where most business is done.
The banner associated with the city is a golden rising sun on a dark blue background.

Oakwood - As the name implies, the forest northeast of the settlement is a large oak forest. Main source of income and trade is said wood, either as a raw material or processed into various wooden products.
(They use the banner of Easthaven.)

Southport - The major port of the region, also the seat of all merchants of any serious reputation. Almost all ships that leaves and enter the region docks in Southport, and almost all merchant caravans that travel by road originate from this city. Often referred to as the Merchant's Peninsula, because even outside the city gates there are warehouses and supply-stations for the caravans.
The banner associated with the city is a white swan on an ocean blue background.

Midland Fortress - Houses a significant museum with relics of the past. Most from the various desert ruins, but there are relics from across the region gathered and kept safe in this otherwise forgotten city. Other than the museum, there is a decent quarry in the mountains to the northwest, and a sawmill near the forest to the southwest.
The banner associated with the city is a silver mountain on a forest green background.

West and North Sandstead - Supply-stations for those traveling into the desert, which is mostly historians, archaeologists and treasure hunters, all looking for the ruins scattered across and beneath the shifting sands of the Sandstead Desert. Originally they were minor outposts, but as merchants and tradesmen saw the opportunity that presented itself, both settlements grew, the western one more so than the one to the north.
(They use the banner of Midland Fortress.)

Westwood - The most secluded city, and the furthest from the capital, this stronghold is home to the most skilled archers the region has to offer. A lot of the inhabitants are hunters, and therefore skilled trackers. It is said that a Westwood archer can find anyone, anywhere, and more often than not this has been true.
The banner associated with the city is a silver stag on a dark green background.

Goldstone Castle - The horselords of Goldstone supply the greatest horses that money can buy, and keep the even better ones themself, their cavalry is rivaled by none. An ironclad knight from Goldstone is an awe-inspiring sight to behold, and few would willingly face one in battle. The castle is named after the color of it's walls, as the stone which is the building material is more golden than it is gray.
The banner associated with the city is a golden horse on a black background.

Dragonstone Castle - A castle designed with only strategic advantages in mind, it is the embodiment of unconquerable. The black stone that the castle is built of has yet to give in to any assault, and combined with the Dragonstone infantry, which is the most ferocious military force there is, it is not likely to change anytime soon.
The banner associated with the city is a midnight-black dragon on a silver background.

Southbay - A small fishing settlement that also houses a ferry for those who wish to visit the large island to the southeast.
(They use the banner of Dragonstone Castle.)
Our campaign begins in the port city of Southport. The streets are buzzing with late afternoon activities; shipments being moved off or on ships, people loading and exiting traveling vessels, and traveling merchants trying to make quick coin. For one reason or another all of our heroes have gathered in this location, whether it be they are just arriving from foreign lands or perhaps waiting for a shipment of supplies before continuing their travels. It is entirely possible that some of them even know one another, or have at least heard a couple of names. News has spread of a new tavern opening up not far from the ports, and so far there has only been positive said about it. It has great food, great strong drinks, and luxury rooms for rent. Not to mention that traveling merchants with rare and valuable goods have been seen in its walls and willing to sell. Does this tavern attract our adventurers? Or do they decide to mingle and perhaps speak with the sailor that is currently unloading boxes off of a ship or the cloaked merchant at the fruit stand?
Surge the Houndoom
Market Street, Southport
The streets were crowded on the market street, something that the red armor clad Houndoom was not a fan of. It wasn't to the point that people were shoving one another, but there were times when they invaded his personal space when passing some stalls. Mostly the stands that were crowded here food and jewelery stands, and the occasional weapons stall had more than a couple possible buyers. But none of these interested the Houndoom. No, he was looking for work and supplies, and a rumor he had heard said that there was a shopkeeper on this street who could lead a hired sword like him to a decent pay. It took a while, but he believed he had found the place. He casually walked closer to the stall, not wanting to show that he was taking in as much detail about the produce and the merchant as he could.
Player's Note: Perception Check on the cloaked merchant at the fruit stand.

Perception Check: 1d20 roll, needs to roll a number equal to or lower than wisdom stat. The lower the number the more that is noticed.

Crystal roles one 20 sided dice. She rolls a 10, needing a 12 or under to pass.

As Surge nears the stall, he could detect the strong scent of fruit. There were too many scents in the air to detect individual ones, however the fruit stall was the least of his concerns. He was most interested in the the merchant that ran it. Even though the figure was under a cloak he could tell it was an elderly woman by how she presented herself and how soft her voice was when she spoke with a customer. From what he could see she appeared human, but could not be certain since her scent was masked by that of all the fruit around her. He would have to risk getting closer if he wanted to try to decipher if she was indeed a human or some other race.
Crystal Momoyia

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