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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Name: Jaye although any variation of my username is fine too

Character: Lumi, although she usually introduces herself as Frost instead.

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Giving Frost a good glancing reveals abnormal features. Her short, slate hair is parted to the right, obscuring a blind eye. This one, unlike its cerulean counterpart, is an eerie light silver. During the rare times it is seen, one would note it appears unnatural, and even soulless.

Without her gloves, an observer would have no issues distinguishing all the scars along her arms. They are no noticeable patterns, each cut varying in length and width from the other. However, it would appear her left side has taken a bit more damage than the right. For a person that spends so much time outdoors, Lumi is rather pale. This doesn’t mean her skin is a sickly, pasty white, but has it not tanned in the slightest.

This outfit is similar to the one Frost sports. The key differences are mostly colour based, unsurprisingly, the young woman prefers cool shades and this is apparent in her clothes. The maroon scarf and half cloak are faded cobalt, matching closely with her navy top. In the place of the brown-ish material resting above the knee is Frost’s leg armour, dubbed Windchill. These are adorned with a simple winter-theme décor and, if removed, simply reveal more of the black pants. Boots, on the other hand, are a steel-blue, and appear well worn.

One of the more major changes would be the arms. In Frost’s case, she wears charcoal fingerless gloves that barely reach beyond her elbows. These too show signs of use; a few random tears are present in the fabric. Two rounded shoulder pads complete the ensemble, very well matching Winchill.

Class: Rogue (However, unlike the typical Rogue, Frost is unable to wield an array of weapons. Almost in exchange, she can use the small shield FrozenWasteland).

Strength : 13
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 9

Scandinavian (a blend of Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish) (or whatever dialect you'd prefer them to speak in the northern regions of the land)
Has a very (very) narrow understanding of Pokémon, having spent so much time with Kaze. She has no ability to speak it whatsoever.

Rapid Metabolism
Weapon Focus- Scythe

Spells: N/A

Currency: 1 gold, 40 silver


BlackIce:* Frost’s main weapon, this scythe is infused with the power of ice. It emits a strong chill, which ensures others who try to wield it will freeze their hands. Likewise, if it doesn’t land a kill shot, BlackIce can also render its victims frozen in the strike area.
*Disregard the axe-like weapon and the chain linking to it

FrozenWasteland:: A winter themed shield. It is cold to the touch and resists both magic based attacks and blows from most weapons.

Frostbite: Despite not being one of her "ice" themed weapons, out of shear habit, Frostbite earned a wintery name anyway. It operates typically.

Windchill: Apart from the nature of its existence and ice motif, this armour functions generically.

SnowBound: Apart from the nature of its existence and ice motif, this armour functions generically.

Satchel: Slung over her right shoulder, this leather bag is more spacious then it might appear.
Steel bottle: Contains enough water to comfortably last a single person one day.
Provisions: Some dried food, enough to last a few meals worth on an average day.
First Aid kit: A rather simple kit, useful for minor wounds.
Coin Case: A simple pouch used to store money.

Companion: N/A

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