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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Jihl Nabaat
Council Building, Capital City
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Soft clicking broke the silence in the empty halls, the sounds coming from heels hitting the tile floor. It was not uncommon for the women of the Council to wear heels, however in this case it signaled the arrival of none other than Jihl Nabaat. How she presented herself showed how much of a confident woman she was. And why shouldn't she be? She went from a lieutenant colonel to a head Councilmen. Sure she had to share the title, but she had authority and power she didn't before. That means she can get away with a lot more than before, which has come in handy as of recent.

However what Jihl was previously thinking was interrupted when a second set of heels could be heard hitting the tile. Up ahead another blond woman turned the corner and started heading in Nabaat's direction. Green met gray when they saw one another. Both women had a friendly expression, but if one looked closely then one would see that they did not trust each other. Both were members of the head Council, and from different worlds. Jihl hadn't taken, nor wanted to, take the time to get to know this woman. The only think she noticed that was of mild interest was her change of outfits. She was currently in her black outfit, which she noticed she wore when doing official business. Her other outfit was more casual, and only seen a few rare times.

"I didn't expect to see you about, Jihl," the other woman spoke once they were a few feet away.

Nabaat smiled, showing no signs of the annoyance she felt. "You don't expect me to just sit in an office all day, do you Cynthia?"

"I suppose not."

They then passed one another in the hall, not looking back. Jihl had a good feeling that Cynthia was suspicious of her, but that was only a passing thought. At the moment the ex PSICOM commander had other business to attend to that was more important than worrying about what a Pokémon trainer thought. After a few more moments she reached her office. After entering her key-code the door opened for her. It was just one of the technologies she was glad for that had survived. It insured her privacy, for she was the only one with the code and authority to open her office. Once she stepped in she was greeted by a low meow. Her attention was drawn to the dark tan feline that was in the room, making her way over to her. She waited for it to reach her, and once it did it sounded a low purr as it rubbed against her side. She gave it a quick pat before starting her path back to her desk. She was slightly amused that she had acquired Pokémon of her own, at first being put off by the thought. But the male Persian and female Liepard that were now in her possession did prove useful, and if it wasn't for that then she would have gotten rid of them long ago.

She had only sat down when she received a message, asking for permission to enter. With a smile she allowed the entry, it being an officer she had sent out a few days before. He was tasked to take his squad out and bring someone to her. She had reason to believe that this person could help locate the sources of the energy fluxes, so their capture was important. With a hand on the Liepard's head, which had come out from under the desk as soon as she sat down, she patiently waited for the soldier to give his report, though it did not go unnoticed that he was more stiff than needed when standing proper.

"Sir, we managed to track down the girl," the soldier began, doing his best to not let his voice show any emotion, "However she was able to flee from the original residence we located her. We were able to quickly pick up her trail and stay on her. We thought that it would be best, at the time, to just keep up the chase and let her tire herself out."

"So the capture was a success?" Jihl said, lacing her fingers together in front of her as she leaned back against her chair, elbows resting on the armrests.

This is where the soldier faltered. "N-No, Sir. She managed to get to a small town, where she was able to obtain aid." It was evident that Nabaat wasn't happy at this point, but he still had to continue with his report. "Tasers weren't effective in bringing down one of the them, and two more civilians were able to counterstrike while dodging open fire. We had no choice but to retreat."

It would be an understatement if one were to say Jihl was upset, or even furious. She was beyond that now. All of her researched she had done up to this point, and that girl could be a missing link in piecing it all together. She needed to get this girl, no matter what. Otherwise all she has done in secret would have been for not. However the only outward sign of her growing frustration was the slight tightening of her grip on her hands, the narrowing of her eyes, and the subtle downturn of her lip.

"There is something else to report," the man spoke again after a long pause. "It is unrelated to the first, but I feel that it deserves your attention."

"It better be, after that failure," Jihl growled, now glaring at the person in front of her. Even with his helmet on she could tell that he was slowly becoming terrified.

"There have been multiple sightings of creatures running wild, unlike the wildlife or Pokémon we currently have data logs on. Those who are or have been trainers say that they resemble the Beasts, three Pokémon that have been labeled as Legendary."

Now this did catch her interest. She had heard of Legendary Pokémon and of their strengths, but since it had been assumed by the trainer members of the Council that they did not believe they were present she did not do further research on them. But it could be possible that they were somehow connected to the energy fluxes, or at least be able to identify the cause. It was something to at least look a bit more into. Still leaning back in her chair, the ex commander looked at the rigid soldier that has just finished his report.

"For now, keep tabs on the girl," she said, her voice now cool and collected. There was no need for it to reveal any emotion. "Any move she makes I want to be informed immediately. Also contact me if there are more sightings of these... "Legendary Beasts". Understood?"

"Yes, Sir!" was the response.

Jihl then dismissed him, getting a salute in response before he took his leave. Nabaat sighed heavily while removing her glasses. She didn't have any need for them, really. She could see perfectly well without them, but they did give her a false appearance of kindness she wanted the public to see. Again lacing her fingers, this time resting her elbows on the hard wood desk, she rested her head on her hands. She was more than just disappointed that the capture was a failure. She would read the full report later, and she had no doubt that upon reading the details she would be able to conclude that the "civilians" weren't ordinary people. Something else she'd have to look into. The work was piling up, but it was for a cause. Things could not remain like this, even if she had to sacrifice her current position when things went back to normal. After taking another moment to compose herself she then turned her attention to the computer on the desk, determined to get some more research out of the way while she had the chance.
Spinel | Crystal Momoyia
Fields outside of Capital City
Link: Lugia | Latios
ARPers: none
Having successfully guarded another shipment, Spinel decided to take some time to herself. It had been a while since she and her Pokémon had been out of the caverns, so it was nice to feel the bright spring sun. She had heard that there had been a few rainstorms, but that was common for this time of year. Even so the festival was on schedule, and she had planned on attending the tournament and try her luck at getting a chance in battling an elite trainer.

"It feels so good out here," a voice next to her drew the trainer out of her thoughts.

She looked over to her left, immediately seeing blue. A blue crocodile's head rested on her shoulder, eyes closed, and in a state of complete ease. The rest of its body was in the hood of the jacket the trainer wore, having rolled up the sleeves in response to the nice weather instead of taking it off completely because of her passenger. Spinel just smiled before she brought her hand up and patted the side of the reptilian's neck.

"It does," she agreed. "The crystals are beautiful, but we can only stay underground for so long."

They both chuckled at that. It was true, especially with some members of the team. They needed the fresh air, but with shipments now being held back or purposely delayed they didn't get as many chances to escort them as before. She didn't know the details, but there was obviously something going on between some of the Council and the Colonies, the common term for the crystal civilizations.

Then a crash of lightning drew their attention. Trainer and Pokémon looked up to the sky first, but the sight they met was clear blue skies. When it wounded again they then knew that the next logical guess was that the source of it was a Pokémon. Spinel then headed in the direction the sound had come from, and the closer they got to the source the more sounds could be heard. There was something going on, either a battle or training. She knew there was a large clearing up ahead that was a popular training and battling spot. Now even more curious as to who might be training, she quickened her steps a bit until she broke the treeline and stepped into the field. When she did look at who was present her eyes went wide.

Crystal Momoyia was on the field, training with her Persian. She is an elite trainer from the Kanto region, it being rumored that she had defeated the champion there in an unofficial battle. There were no witnesses, only the words from both parties, but it seemed like most people tended to believe that the blue haired girl had at least given the champ a run for their money. Not only was she known for that, she was also known for the unique Pokémon she had acquired during her travels. She had uniquely colored Pokémon that are extremely rare, and ones with rare abilities. This was a trainer that anyone would be honored to battle.

"Once more, Persian," Crystal spoke, her voice calm and even.

The feline in front of her lowered its head as sparks started jumping around on its smooth fur. Clearly it was charging up for an attack, and a moment later and a battle cry it shot a mighty Thunderbolt at one of the targets that had been set up. Hitting dead center on the target the wood then exploded into different sized pieces. The pure power amazed the younger trainer watching, and with a twitch of its ear the Persian then turned to look in her direction, the motion followed by its trainer. However Crystal just seemed to be amused after she saw the other trainer.

"And here I thought I'd have the field to myself," she said before walking over. "I haven't seen you around here before. It's a pleasure to meet you."

The older trainer then offered her hand when she and her partner were close enough. Spinel was first shocked, but then relieved. She wasn't aware she was tense until she felt her muscles relax. Her Totodile then jumped out of her hood and greeted Persian as the two trainers shook hands.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, too, Crystal. My name's Spinel, and this is my partner Ren."

Crystal looked down at the Totodile and smiled, noticing that their two partners got along. "She looks well taken care of."

Spinel wasn't sure how to feel. Getting a compliment like that from an elite trainer was big, at least to her. She was shocked but happy to hear the words from the slightly older woman. Still a bit nervous, however, she was unable to think of something to say back. Crystal seemed to notice this and just kept smiling, having remembering being just like that before.

"We were about to take a small break before battle training. Care to join us?"

Again happily shocked, Spinel took a quick moment before nodding with a shy smile. "Sure, that would be great. Thank you."
Crystal Momoyia

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