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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Brandon backed up... he knew he wasent tough enough to beat surge yet... so he told Burny to hold off a second... Burny listened to his tainer kindly and stopped growling.
The pokemon stood next to Brandon as if protecting him like a bodyu guard "look we're not here for a fight surge... we are just looking for misty... I am waiting to get something from her.... and I heard what you said to corey... and I dont think that was nice... also I am not a baby, I am teenage kid who is trying to train his pokemon, but whatever.. i am sorry we disturbed you... why dont we just call a truce and contiue with our day huh?"

Burny rubbed his head against surge like he was trying to tell him he was gentle and didnt want to fight him. than he contiued with standing next to Brandon.

I am Brandon, I have 1 goal as a pokemon trainer: To become the unbeatable unlike any other... I have already become the Champion of sinnoh... and am training currently in unova to beat the Champion their.

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