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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

After answering a few questions, Blue Team makes their way to the pokemon center, to get there pokemon fully healed.

back at the cab.
"Yes, yes the phoenix fire stone !!!! you were near it! Did you see where it went??"

Max shakes his head.
"I dont remember anything, I was crushed by a building....remember."

The mans fancily expression changes.
"that means it was bring someone back..."

Max still confused.
"what ? someone died in there."

The man pulls out some paper work.
"Kinda, you see the Phoenix stone is said to bring people back from the head sort to speak. Its actual power is unknown ! It is part of a set of 4 stones....The Phoenix Fire Stone of life, the Black Tyrant Rock of well death..That one is said to kill or take over depending on what translation...but no one knows where that stone is. It went missing years ago..The chrome spear of Arceus, which is said to give anyone who holds it the powers of the gods. The legend says that the spear is all thats left from one of the ancient god pokemon that tried to destory Arceus. After the battle, all thats left was a spear ...that is missing.
Oh and last the Illex stone, named for its ability to change time. The Illex stone is rather interesting its..."

Max cuts him off.
"Where is the Illex stone now."

Old man eyes widen
"Its in Celadon City.."

Max looks over
"I think I gotta go now"

The man calls back
"Listen ! in the history of the plant those stones have never ever been together. It is said that if there powers combine you will control Life, Time/Space and even the great one would not be able to stop you."

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