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Default Umbra City

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 3 hours.

Umbra City was one of the first places in Celestia to be settled. It is an old city with large, stone buildings complete with intricate designs. The official story suggests that the port city of Aurora was established and favoured for its location next to Dawn Bay. As the settlers moved, Umbra City began to fall into disrepair. These days the buildings are dilapidated and rundown. The whole city is shadowy, even during daytime and the forest has grown close around the edges of the city and begun to retake the land. Few people remain in the city, and those that do tend to keep to themselves and are unwilling to speak to travellers. Rumours are heard throughout the region that the city is haunted. Skeptics dismiss these claims, saying that any paranormal sightings are merely the Ghost-type Pokemon owned by the leader of the Umbra City Gym. Still, the residents of the city are suspicious and the rumours continue...

Umbra City Gym
The seventh gym of the Celestia Region. The gym leader uses Ghost and Fighting-type Pokemon. Winning trainers receive the Illusion Badge.

A small, square shop with a blue roof. PokeBalls and other useful items can be purchased inside.

Pokemon Ranch
A sprawling ranch complete with fenced paddocks and a cute homestead. The owners breed Pokemon and sell them to Trainers.


Route 17
Solar Outpost

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