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Default Re: Good, Funny, Annoying GTS Trades

The best trade I've done was to get a Japanese 10th anniversary Celebi. I can't actually remember what I traded for it, but it was nothing that special. I'm not sure if it's actually legit but all the details match those of the event, so who knows!

The most annoying trades are ALMOST ALL OF THEM! I'd rather they completely banned legendary Pokemon from the GTS rather than have almost everyone want a level 100 Arceus for their Caterpie. It's really annoying when you just want a basic Pokemon and everyone wants ridiculous things. It's a shame too, since the GTS could be so much more useful.

I've only really used the GTS to get version-exclusive Pokemon. Since everyone on there wants stupid trades, I put up the companion to that version-exclusive Pokemon myself (eg. Misdreavus for Murkrow) and just wait. I usually get a response within a few hours which tells me there are plenty of people out there who just want a proper trade! xD Aside from that, I don't really use the GTS.
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