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Default Route 16

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 48 hours.

A pretty route that leads around Lake Sunset and finishes in Solstice City. It is often in the shadow of the Sundown Ranges, making it cool and refreshing when compared with the other routes in the west of Celestia. The lack of tree cover gives a good view of the craggy Sundown Ranges, and many small streams can be seen trickling down to end up in Lake Sunset. Towards the east end of the route, the sound of nature is drowned out by machinery. Dust clouds from excavations in Solstice City are not uncommon in the warmer months. Tall smokestacks, now fallen into disuse, can be seen to the east.


Wild Pokemon

TM55 Scald can be found by the side of the path.

Lake Sunset
Solstice City
Route 15

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