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Default Lunar Town

Requirements: ???
Travel time: 2 hours.

A place where legendary Pokemon and people are said to meet. Lunar is a small town with wooden buildings. A large stone monument houses the Hall of Records, which honours trainers who have been successful in the Celestia region. Lunar Town consists of a small population of Elders who worship the moon god Cresselia. They believe their worship gives her strength to keep Darkrai at bay. The Elders are said to know a lot about legendary Pokemon, but will only share their knowledge with extraordinary trainers. Lunar Town is an isolated mountainside village. While they do not farm, every Autumn the Elders receive a large supply of fresh food from Nebula City as an offering to Cresselia. They survive on this offering through most of the year. Little is known about the establishment of Lunar Town and it is said to be impossible to find unless directions are given by an Elder.

Ai - A teenage girl with a strange ability to sense the happiness of Pokemon.

Hall of Records
Where records of Trainer's achievements in the Celestia Region are kept.

Wild Pokemon



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