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Default Re: Pokemon Merchandise Collector's Corner!

@brandon - Oh I think I've seen photos of those DS', they're pretty cool! I wish they sold more cool stuff in Australia so I could buy it!

@Obliveon - Wow those gold plated Pokemon cards are awesome! :O It's so cool that you own some. I wonder if they're worth a lot now! I saw in your last post you have a giant Charmander. I have one too, but yours sounds bigger! I wonder how many sizes they made...

@MGS - Wow that's a lot of stuff! I have a Mew that makes noises! It's only supposed to do it when you press its paw, but mine used to do it randomly. At one stage I was convinced it must be light-activated or something because it used to speak whenever I turned on the light. xD It almost felt like a real Mew haha! But I guess it was kinda creepy too.
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