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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

I'm reserving this post for Gladewing's, Snowsong's, and Ember's SU ^^

Name: Gladewing

Species: Scyther

Gender: Male

History: Gladewing comes from a land far from the valley, from a proud and mighty swarm of Scyther who had established themselves in a rich forest. As the story goes, Gladewing’s father was one of the clan’s strongest warriors, and wanted his son to be the same. Gladewing, however, was always a little different. He was always obsessed with what was beyond their forest, and with the ways of the other Pokemon. Gladewing patiently learned lessons of chivalry and honor from his father, but he knew there was more to life than the swarm. Gradually Gladewing developed a desire to learn more about the outside world, and more importantly a longing to fulfill that desire. Unfortunately, that led to a falling out with his father and the rest of the swarm, who wanted him to stay put and become a warrior. In anger and frustration, Gladewing fled from his homeland and started life as a wanderer.

Being a drifter wasn’t as easy as he had once glorified it to be. He quickly learned many hard lessons in his first few weeks, nearly starving to death. Luckily he found a wise mentor in a kind Gallade who quickly showed him how to survive on his own. Learning important skills, Gladewing soon found new pleasure in exploring new and strange lands. The day came when he and his mentor chose different paths, but Gladewing traveled on in confidence.

Personality: Gladewing has a very noble character, and believes in fighting for weak and infirm. He’s very respectful and chivalrous, as he was brought up to be. Despite being a little bit of a loner, Gladewing has a very bright and optimistic look on life, and is easily excitable. He’s still a bit of a juvenile, but his travels have brought him to some maturity. To those older and wiser, the scyther is very respectful and courteous, and will be obedient and true to his word when sworn into the service of a needy soul. Around his own kind, he’s always been a bit of an odd duck, and tends to be socially awkward; but around other species of Pokémon his keen curiosity tends to bring out more of his friendliness. Gladewing is incurable of his thirst for adventure, and can never really stay in the same place for too long.

Appearance: Unlike most other scythe, Gladewing’s carapace is darker in color, and has been somewhat physically hardened from his distant travels. Currently he is in a transitional stage, nearing his coming of age but still somewhat juvenile. As such, he’s just a bit smaller than adult Scyther, but still skilled in combat and hunting.


Name: Embyr

Species: Charmeleon

Gender: Female

History: Embyr lived on the outskirts of the valley, in the highlands that acted as the natural border against the outside world. Her clan of Charizard was one of the first line of defense against invaders, though times were quite peaceful during her childhood. She and her family were quite close, and she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else with anyone else. Embyr and her siblings were trained in combat, but they never took their training seriously. To them, it was all just a game—for why would their life ever change?

They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Embyr’s clan was taken by surprise during Firestorm’s invasion. Though they battled valiantly, the Charizard were unable to hold them back. The invaders began to spill into the valley as the clan was slowly decimated. Embyr’s parents fought bravely to protect their children, but in the end their strength failed. Embyr and her brother Pyro barely managed to escape, though the latter was badly injured.

Stricken with shock and grief, Embyr and Pyro wandered lost in the wilderness, unsure of where to go. Embyr tried to push them forward with some sort of confidence, but Pyro was getting worse with every passing day. Soon, he succumbed to an infection and passed away one dismal morning.

Now, having lost all the Pokémon she had ever cared about, Embyr has nothing left to live for.

Personality: Before tradgedy broke out, Embyr was a caring and compassionate Charmeleon with a fiery spirit. Now, however, she feels as if her heart had been torn out. She’s listless, without much will, and empty within—vaguely aware of the things happening around her. All she knows is that she must move forward, but depression keeps sinking her down. She’s more like a robot then Pokémon, only reacting and never anything else. What she needs most is a friend, to bring her back out of the darkness she’s trapped inside.

Appearance: Embyr’s hide is a darker shade of red then most other Charmeleon, and she has unusually deep green eyes. She’s a little thin from malnutrition, and a little small for her age. Er, not sure what else I can say.


Name: Snowsong

Species: Glaceon

Gender: Female

History: A Glaceon is a rare sight in the forest, but that was where Snowsong was born and raised. She was a winter pup, which—while unusual—hinted at the path that she would one day take. No one was surprised when she finally evolved in the thick of winter into a Glaceon. Being a bit of a rebel when she was younger, Snowsong eventually left her family pack and wandered across the valley. While she enjoyed the solitude of living independently, it became apparent that living in a pack was best for survival.

Snowsong was adopted into a different pack of Eevee-lutions, though retaining her lone-wolf personality she never became close to them. When Firestorm attacked, her pack fought bravely against the invasion. She was paired with a Leafeon, but when a conflict came about, the Leafeon abandoned her to save his own life. Snowsong barely managed to escape, but now she has trouble trusting others.

After finding Embyr in a terrible state, she feels compelling need to help her—which is strange, considering her personality. Still, she tries her best to keep the Charmeleon motivated and moving, and will do anything to keep her safe.

Personality: Independent and free-willed, Snowsong doesn’t like being told what to do. Far from the friendly type, the Glaceon usually comes off as being cold and indifferent, and can be quite sarcastic and mean at times. She doesn’t come to trust strangers easily, and it will take a long time to grow close to her. After one reaches out to her, they’ll find that she’s fiercely loyal and brave.

Appearance: Her pelt is a bit paler then most other Glaceon, and she has a slight tint of green to it. Her ears are slightly rounded at the tips, as well.

Also, would it be okay if we just say Snowsong and Ember met up with the gang at the start of the swamp? Maybe they met just last night, so the two are still new to everybody but have been introduced ^^

BUT, I'm not sure what to do with Gladewing. I think I'd like to just re-introduce him to everybody (maybe after a little time has passed or something), but I'm not sure if you guys want to go through that again xD What do you think? ^^

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