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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Originally Posted by brandon_g View Post
I use a revive on: Burny/Charizard... ok let me pick my pokemon.. lookks at the pokeball labels

"Kinlger... Burny... And Gassy lets gety ourselves a badge.."

Attacker: Gassy (Nidrino)
Attackee: Panpour
Attacker's Value: 25
Attackee's Value: 18
Bonuses: 0 (+5 Evol...)
Attacker's Current Value: 12
Attackee's Current Value: 0
Panpour Fainted

Attacker: Gassy (Nidrino)
Attackee: Frillish
Attacker's Value: 12
Attackee's Value: 22
Bonuses: 0 (+5 Evo,)
Attacker's Current Value: 0
Attackee's Current Value: 5
Gassy Faints

Attacker: Mr. Pinchers (Kingler)
Attackee: Frillish
Attacker's Value: 29
Attackee's Value: 5
Bonuses: 0 (-5 Evo,)
Attacker's Current Value: 19
Attackee's Current Value: 0
Frillish Fainted

Attacker: Mr. Pinchers (Kingler)
Attackee: Carracosta
Attacker's Value: 19
Attackee's Value: 40
Bonuses: 0 (-5 Evo,)
Attacker's Current Value: 0
Attackee's Current Value: 26

Attacker: Burny (Charizard)
Attackee: Carracosta
Attacker's Value: 39
Attackee's Value: 26
Bonuses: 0
Attacker's Current Value: 13
Attackee's Current Value: 0

Carracosta Faints...
Burny Faints...

Brandon wins the battle.

(now even if my stuff was a little bit off i should have atleast won by a good hair... please tell me I did this correctly)
-Carrascosta has to get two bonuses for elemental matchup. One for Water against Fire--Wait, three. One for Water against Fire, one for Rock against Fire, and one for Rock against flying, adding to a total of 15. Burny then gets a +5 bonus for evolution, making it +10 for Carracosta.-

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