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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
My assumption is that, if any one player can do both Gold and Silver, the Silver Character will NEVER use Pokemon the Gold character will and vice-versa: They are EXCLUSIVE to the character that obtained it. Likewise with items. However, the points total and the Pokedex owned totals will be pooled together and both the Gold and Silver characters add to it and can take out of it. If they hit a Pokedex goal, ONLY ONE OF THEM gets the reward for it. Is that the case?

Also, just figured this out: How are we going to catch ALL of the Pokemon in Gold and Silver (and Red and Blue as well) if they include the Starter Mons? We only get one. We would have to trade at least three times, before they're evolved, and then evolve them once, trade it around so everyone gets a shot, and then evolve it again and trade it around again. Considering Trading at all costs points, do we really have to, do they even count for the Dex at all, or are they just not there?

On a note that isn't related to Gold and Silver, in Red's story, Markus'es Weepinbel (Belt) dies. My current Trainer card takes into account every Pokemon of Markus'es, except Belt, because, you know, it died. Despite that fact, does THAT count for my Pokedex ownership totals?

Oh, and I'm fine with the clans.

As I said before, im still working on my characters roll in the whole thing. Until I figure that I out I will not be able to give you to much info. I may create two new characters one for each, but have my charcater max play a bigger roll else where in the story.

Belt should be counted as part of your dex. I would have left it on there and just put a note next to it.

Honestly I had not thought about the starters thing. I may make them prizes that you win at gyms. I am also thinking of ways to unlock the harder pokemon to get. For example allowing people to submit a story arch like you did with the time travelr. This time having it so we add a harder pokemon into the arch so that people can get to those tough ones.

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