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Default Nebula City

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

Nebula City is a farming town nestled in the forest. Many of the houses here are small and quaint, made out of wood and painted in bright summer colours with lattice trimmings and sprawling gardens. Unlike many of the other cities in the region, Nebula is relatively open and the houses are spread out across the plain. A large stone town hall where meetings are held can be found in the center of the village. The townsfolk are very conscious of the environment and have learned to farm without having to clear large areas for paddocks, instead they use nature to enhance their farming practises. Nebula is the main provider of fresh fruit and vegetables for the region and also thrives from its Pokemon care and breeding services. Visitors can sample homemade baked goods, fresh fruit, milk and honey made right in the city. Every Autumn, farmers from the city set up stalls on Route 9 to share their bountiful harvest with travellers. A large meadow can be found off to the east. It looks like there was once a path that lead into the forest...

Jase - A HM Tutor who teaches Cut. He helps run a farm on the outskirts of the city.
Azalea - A scientist studying the Dream World. She is in Nebula Town looking for Pokemon. She can usually be found in the town hall.

A small, square shop with a blue roof. PokeBalls and other useful items can be purchased inside.

Day Care Center
A friendly place set on a small farm, where Trainers can leave their Pokemon to be raised with love and care.


Route 14

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