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Default Satellite Pier

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

Satellite Pier is a small fishing and boating town north of Dawn Bay. The main feature of the town is a large pier where ships may dock once they enter the bay. Ships leave regularly for Aurora City and tickets can be purchased from a small kiosk. Surfing is not permitted on the bay, but Trainers may hire small boats if they wish to try their luck at fishing. Reports of rare Pokemon have recently surfaced, but while the locals will swear to their existence, no proof has thus far been recorded. A small, mysterious island can be seen from the shore, but is inaccessible by boat due to strong surrounding currents.

Fishing Guru - A tall, round man with a love of fishing. He hangs about the Pier, often chatting to those who are trying to catch Pokemon.
Luka - A HM Tutor who teaches Surf. He is a surfing champion and travels the world looking for good waves.

Boat Kiosk - Tickets to travel on a steam ship to Aurora City can be purchased here.

Wild Pokemon


Route 13
Aurora City
(SS Ticket)

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