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Default Mt. Eon Depths

Requirements: A Fire-type Pokemon is required to accompany trainers at all times.
Travel time: 48 hours.

An icy cavern carved into the side of Mt. Eon through centuries of melting snow. Inside the ceilings are high, creating huge cavernous rooms that stretch to the top of the mountain. The walls are an icy white colour and trickles of water from melting snow can be seen flowing down from the ceiling. Snow-ins are not uncommon and sometimes whole sections of tunnels can fall in, making the place extremely dangerous. Because of this, all trainers are required to possess a Fire-type Pokemon at all times. It is relatively light inside as the ice reflects light throughout the cave system. Large ice crystals, stalagmites and stalactites are scattered around. Sound echoes easily in the cool cavern, making a sort of ringing sound. It is said that there is an exit to the mountaintop deep in the cavern.


Wild Pokemon


Mt. Eon Peak
Polaris City

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