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Default Mt. Era Landing

Requirements: None.
Travel time: 2 hours.

A long treacherous cave leads to this opening on the side of Mt. Era. The tunnel opens onto a small, rocky landing with a wonderful view of Midnight Marsh below and Dawn Bay to the west. Eternity Forest stretches out like a dark blanket, covering the land to the south-east. On the edge of the cliff where you are standing is a humble, wooden house with a small, neat garden. Flowers grow in pots on the windowsills. Overall, it looks welcoming and homely, though you can’t help but feel that whoever lives out here on the edge of a mountain must be more than a little strange. Though the journey is difficult, those trainers who make it to the end may just be rewarded for their efforts...

Aria - A HM Tutor that can teach Pokemon Fly. She is an experienced trainer of bird Pokemon and enjoys the view from the mountainside.


Wild Pokemon

TM57 Charge Beam can be found on a rocky ledge.

Nightfall Labyrinth
Apollo City
(Rock Climb)

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