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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Blue Team is on a boat heading for Vermilion City in the middle of the night. TDL and Quinn have just beaten Cress a gym leader from a different region. Misty and Cress are long time rivals and the matches helped Misty prove a point.

Misty stands smiling,
"Well Cress, I see you have been keeping up with your training."

Max rolls up to her.
"Misty, the guys a jerk but you should cut him a break."

Misty stops gloating.
"You're right..."

She walks up to Cress who is sitting off in the corner.
"You should stop by the gym in Cerulean City If your going to be checking out Kanto, my sisters would like to see you!"

Cress lets out a little smile.
"Your gym huh, perfect, best place to have a real test of our skills!"

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