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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version ( Not Open!)

Pokemon Shopping Center

Item Point Value

3rd Floor
Each Scarf costs 10 points.
(They will increase a pokemons points total by 2).

-Yellow Scarf
-Blue Scarf
-Green Scarf
-Red Scarf
-Pink Scarf

Each Held Item costs 15 points.
(They will increase a pokemon's point total by 5).
-Miracle Seed
-Mystic Water
-Poison Barb
-White Herb
-Spell Tag
-Soothe Bell
-Soft Sand
-Silk Scarf
-Sharp Beak
-Scope Lens

4th Floor

Counter 1:

Potions cost 10 points each (give you a +15 to points one time use)
Super Potion cost 20 points each (give you a +25 for a one time use)
Antidote (2 Points)
Awakening (2 Points)
Burn Heal (2 Points)
Paralyze Heal (2 Points)
Greatball (4 Points) (-5 off a capture)
Revive (20 Points)

Counter 2:

Fire Stone (-25 Points)
Leaf Stone (-25 Points)
Thunder Stone (-25 Points)
Water Stone (-25 Points)

Apircorns list
Blk (Black) Apricorn- A black apricorn. Used to make Heavy Ball.
( Lowers the capture price by 5 of any pokemon that is bigger then the pokemon being the one you are using.)

Blu (Blue) Apricorn- A blue apricorn. Used to make Lure Ball.
(Lowers the capture price of water pokemon by 5 )

Grn (Green) Apricorn- A green apricorn. Used to make Friend Ball.
(helps is needed for evolving pokemon based on friendship)

Pnk (Pink) Apricorn- A pink apricorn. Used to make Heal Ball.
(Allows you to use any pokemon you just captured right away.)

Red Apricorn- A red apricorn. Used to make Level Ball.
( Lowers the capture price by 5 of any pokemon 15 levles stronger then you.)

Wht (White) Apricorn- A white apricorn. Used to make Switch Ball.
( Allows user to send a pokemon from his/her team back to the pc, giving the new pokemon there spot.)

Gry (Gry) Apricorn- A Gray apricorn. Used to make Moon Ball."
(Picked from trees located near moutians , the gray ball is said to have the same power as moon stone. It also lowers the capture price of any pokemon that evolves from a moon stone by 5)

Wild Pokemon Points Values

Available for Moderators:

(5 Points)(5 Challenges)

(6 Posts)(5 Challenges)

(9 Points)(4 Challenges)

(10 Points)(4 Challenges)

(11 Points)(4 Challenges)

(12 Points)(3 Challenges)

(14 Points)(3 Challenges)

(15 Points)(3 Challenges)

(16 Points)(3 Challenges)

(17 Points)(3 Challenges)

(20 Points)(2 Challenges)

(23 Points)(2 Challenges)

(30 Points)(2 Challenges)


Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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