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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG] - Book Two

Originally Posted by VGBM View Post
I just realized something! These last few chapters have showed my that Dusty has a very active imagination and can easily get distracted by said imagination, as well as other things, which is something I did not know about her before. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but it was quite amusing to discover.
Oh yeah? O: Haha, yes, true! Well she used to have those shoulder flareon (which, really, were nothing more than amusement on my part XD) and yeah, I guess apart from that she hasn't hallucinated or anything... xDD But yeah! Also, it's so funny that a few people commented in the thread, helping you with names. I'm glad they did though, and I hope you can come up with some good ones that you'll like! 8D

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Well, I really want to catch up with all the reviewing stuff so I can review new chapters of the stories RIGHT AFTER THEY COME OUT! >:[

Oh, okay!


And yes! And yeah, that sounds a lot better! You're welcome!



That works!
OOOO: That would be bigly awesome.


Yay! Glad it does. CCC:

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yes! And yeah, that makes a lot of sense, especially since she hasn't had any opportunity to explore/travel through large caves before, and I imagine the ones she did go through weren't very dangerous. Yeah. XD And yeah, that would be amazing to discover, especially if you had no idea!

And yeah, that's what I figured, though I still wonder if the occasional one wanders by from time to time. Not that I think they're going to run into one, but it's interesting to think about.

Me too! And GAPS. O:
Yeah, exactly right. xD Yep, and pretty tame. (DUR I love how I repeated what you said just then...and didn't backspace it. Wow.) OO: Definitely! LIKE HOW I WILL BE WHEN WE GO CAVING TOGETHER. *00000*

Ooh, good point. And yeah, good point. It would be cool to write a story about a trainer who travelled places where there were no other humans. O:

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yeah, me too. DX Toofy companions... (XDDDDDDDDDD That weird story...) And yes, it is!

Yeah, I thought so! There were so MANY of them, and that alone made it much more dangerous. And definitely! (And that's awesome! I really love when that happens! And that's true, and it makes a lot of sense for the type of situation they were in!) Same!

Haha, really? XD *reminded of Space Cadet and the charging dragon thing* I'm glad you tweaked it! It does make sense to me because I imagine with all the chaos, it would be REALLY noisy and she likely wouldn't realize what that specific noise was until it was too late to dodge.
BIGLY! But at least now (hopefully xD) they'll learn.

YEP, certainly. D: (Woo! Yeah!)

XDDDDDDD Oh dear, not the ksuyan or whatever it was called. OH LET'S BE SENSITIVE TO LIGHT OH WAIT LOL I HAVE LIGHTS ON ME TROLOLOLOL. Same. xD That's right! It's what I figured too. XD

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yeah, it was probably their best chance, but it was also worrying because the effects of sing can wear off fairly quickly! And yeah, it is, because logically it WOULD affect them too. (XDDD Awesome!) Yeah, it is! They are! o.o And yeah, I always thought that would be so freaky to characters in a story. o: And that's awesome. XD And WOOOO!

Oh! And that's okay! Yeah, it does! And I think I might have missed it/misread it or something. XD *GAPS*

BIGLY YAY! And of course not! I certainly wouldn't expect that to you! And yeah, it really came across that way, and how dangerous they were even to her!

Oh, okay. XD
And yes, that's right! Hahaha, I could imagine if it a) didn't affect her teammates or b) affected them but wore of quickly while the enemy was still sleeping. XD Yes! Most certainly.

XDD That's okay!

WOOOOO! Yeah. xD That's good! .ooo.

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
I guess that's what trading machines do...or well, they switch ownership between the pokeballs and that's why you have to trade through a machine. So they obviously have the technology to do things like that. And yeah, it's really interesting!

Yeah! And definitely not. >.< Yeah, exactly! Oh, really? O: OH WOW THAT'S REALLY DISTURBING YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

He really was! >:c And oh, okay. o: That does make more sense! Still, he should be less of a toof! >:[ Yep!

I really did! .0. It was BIGLY excitement and I really wasn't sure what was going to happen next! YES! And WOOOOOO! I'm excitement to read it and see what happens!

And you're welcome! .0. I look forward to that!
YES, exactly. And yeah, a switch of ownership. Close enough. xD Yeah. Although I guess that you could easily just trade pokemon with another person, but you'd need to talk to your pokemon and tell them not to obey you anymore or something. xD For me there's emotional attachment, but then there's the literal attachment to the poke ball, so I guess my way the poke ball can easily be given to another and the pokemon is still linked with the poke ball, and obeying and such is completely optional (of course, they're probably obliged to obey the new master, but personality would conflict here too). I dunno. There are many ways to do it. xD


Yes! O:< True. >:c


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