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Default Nightfall Labyrinth

Requirements: To enter Nightfall Labyrinth from any direction, you must have a Pokemon with Flash. To exit anywhere other than where you just entered, there are additional requirements listed below.

Travel times and additional requirements:
Nova Outpost to Mt. Era Landing: 24 hours. (Requires Rock Climb, Strength)
Nova Outpost to Route 15: 48 hours. (Requires Rock Smash)
Route 15 to Mt. Era Landing: 24 hours. (Requires Rock Climb, Strength)
Nova Outpost to Sunrise Island: 48 hours. (Requires Surf, Waterfall)

A long, winding cave where it is said that many who enter are never seen again. The tunnels wind into the depths of the dormant volcano Mt. Era. Hot springs are still found within and many parts of the maze are covered in thick mist. Fire-types enjoy the warmth. Only Trainers who are well prepared are able to make the journey through to the other end. The maze-like labyrinth is home to many strange and rare Pokemon. Various exits lead to secret locations and unknown challenges await. Researchers have been visiting the Nightfall Labyrinth for years, but thus far they have not released any findings. The purpose of their research is unknown.


Wild Pokemon

TM38 Fire Blast can be found behind some boulders. It can be accessed using Strength.

Route 15
(Rock Smash)
Sunrise Island
(Surf, Waterfall)
Mt. Era Landing
(Rock Climb, Strength)
Nova Outpost
(Rock Smash)

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