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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.


I woke up, initially thinking that I was back at the Calypso-I had long since abandoned the hope that I'd wake up back at my loft bed back at my home, or more realistically, a hospital bed after who-knows-how-long. Then I remembered that this was NOT the case, feeling the wounds of the battle resume to pain me, particularly where my chest was. I looked around-someone was keeping me from moving upwards-and I could clearly see Scyez, who was in a state of absolute happiness at my awakening, and Septim, who was promptly annoyed by it.

"What happened?" I immediately asked. No jokes about it, that I could see Scyez and Septim meant I was alive and well, as well as them, and we were safe. Meaning, somehow, the two of them survived with me as well, at the bare minimum...

"You obtained a terrible case of broken bones, internal bleeding, and a shattered ribcage. Did you get a bas**t insane Lucario thrown at your torso recently?" Septim snarked.

"What else happened? Where's everyone else? Where am I? What went on during the fight?" I explained.

"I'll be frank. You lost that good-looking Lesha chick and the big smart-a** Metagross took a mortal wound. He's still alive, but it'll kill him eventually. Vyraz's wings were cut up by that Rhyperior, but that was recoverable, and Film fainted, but he's up and at them again..."

"...WHAT?!" I said, taking in the former two statements.

"To explain-"

"That coward! Lesha's PokéBall broke when Scyez rammed into you, and she heard the sound and knew what it meant. She fled into the woods, right then! She probably could have kept Meta from getting hurt, too! The meanie!! When I get my claws on her, I will rip her a-"

'part' was the remnant of that sentence, but Film cut him off for more reasons than what you probably immediately thought of. "Vyraz! You're yelling."

"...Sorry, Film." Vyraz said.

"As for Meta...Well, to put it frankly, the Rhyperior didn't do him in. Scyez Aura-Sphere’d the ba****d before he got wise ideas. That did the job, but...Then the nice little area where that load of carnage took place immediately started to come to life. At least part of it. One of the vines took a grip on Meta and swung back violently. My guess was that it wanted to ram Meta into the wall...Don't ask me why whatever was controlling those vines didn't make the Roseblade plants grow, it's beyond me. Anyway, it was making the motions to swing Meta into the Roseblade bushes, but Meta slipped out of the vine's grip as it flung backwards...Which, despite that near-miss of immediate death, made him get impaled into a sharp branch, apparently strong enough to not break from the force. Talk about the environment hating on you."

"Is he still-OOW!" I yelped, as I tried getting up and felt the wrath of my ripcage disagreeing with me. Septim pushed me back down.

"Stay down!...Look, the injury he sustained wasn't immediately fatal, but it's mortal as it gets...A Metagross losing one of its four brains is fatal no matter how you dice it. He can't move properly, either, one of his legs can't function without that particular brain. You can marvel at the gory display later, after I get your bones in one piece, and-Hey!"

I tried getting up again, ribcage injuries be d**med. That really didn't work out well for me, as, albeit I briefly saw the confirmation that Film and Vyraz were more than disembodied voices, I also saw-to my horror-Meta, in a kind of half-consciousness, bleeding profusely where the branch had just impaled his head (in a rock-formed cave of sorts), before Film decided that me being unconscious was much more favorable for him, and used Strength to KO me once more.

That time, I dreamed of both myself taking that impalement, in Meta’s form no less, and seeing it from a variety of angles, each time more gruesome than the last. To say the least, I wasn't happy.

(I tried to add this on to the 3rd part of the chapter, but that character limit just absolutely refused.)
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