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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

"Hmph. Let's brawl, Zeta, Boss, and Joe!!"

Pokemon Battling: Tentacool
Pokemon Using: Zeta/Weepinbell
Attacker's Points: 21
Attackee's Points: 15
Bonuses: +5 (Evolution, Weepinbell)
Attacker's Points: 11
Attackee's Points: 0

Pokemon Battling: Psyduck
Pokemon Using: Wartortle
Attacker's Points: 16
Attackee's Points: 15
Bonuses: +5 (Evolution, Boss)
Attacker's Points: 6
Attackee's Points: 0

Pokemon Battling: Tentacool
Pokemon Using: Joe/Raticate
Attacker's Points: 20
Attackee's Points: 18
Bonuses: +5 (Evolution, Joe)
Attacker's Points: 7
Attackee's Points: 0

-I figured there would still be some for my Pokemon, given there were leftover numbers for subtracting-

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