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Default Re: Yes, Another Nuzlocke Story (White)


Of Lillipups and Panpours

Continuing from "Who Are These People?!"
"Joe," Quinn said. "do you think you're trained enough?"

"Pat! Patrat!" The little mouse replied. Joe II really liked how strong he was. You could tell he might go a long way.

"Yeah, me neither." Quinn and Joe II continued training until they came to a halt. They ran into a blond boy who had a Cyndaquil.

"Who are you?" The blond asked.

"The name's Quinn," Quinn replied. "And this is Joe II!"

"What happened to Joe I?"

"Joe is a Rattata back in Kanto."

"Well, this is Volcano."

The fire rat squealed as Joe II approached it. It appeared Volcano was shy.

"I think I'll get back to training," Quinn said.

"Okay!" Corey replied. "See you later!"

'Hopefully he won't be the stalkers that Cheren and Bianca are...' Quinn thought to himself. As promised, he got back to training Joe II to Level 7, then returning to Accumula Town. There were two flags, each having a "P" with a lightning bolt forming a "Z" through it. In the middle of people wearing medieval-like costumes, a man with a cyborg-like eye was there. Eventually, they people with the costumes moved out of the way, leaving the cyborg eye guy there.

"People of Unova!" He called out. "Pokemon do not deserve to live in captivity! They deserve to live life out of these putrid Poke Balls! We have our 'friends' battle each other for pure enjoyment, while we watch and do nothing! We should liberate them, have them live with us!" There was chatter among the crowd.

"Liberate? I couldn't do it, my Lillipup loves me!"

"It is for the better that we liberate them," the man with the cyborg eye continued. "I hope you take this speech into consideration." Once again, the people in the medieval-like costumes surrounded him, marching, making sure he was covered.

"Your Pokemon is saying something..." A man said walking up to Quinn.

"My...Pokemon?" Quinn asked. "Can Pokemon speak English?"

"Hmph. Silly person, they speak to me in a different way."

"Who are you?"

"They call me N. Let me hear your Pokemon more! Go, Purrloin!" N threw a Poke Ball, and out came Purrloin.

"Hmph," Quinn replied. "go, Joe II!" Quinn through out his Poke Ball, and out came Joe II. "Joe, use Tackle!" Joe II went on to ramming Purrloin straight on with his body.

"Purrloin," N started. "retaliate with Tail Whip!" The cat-like Pokemon started to move it's tail in a way that Joe would let his guard down.

"Keep using Tackle, Joe!"


Purrloin was getting weak, but Joe II was just fine. He was ready to end this battle.

"Joe, finish this with a Tackle!" Joe took one more full body rush to Purrloin was knocked out! "Good job, Joe!" Quinn called out. The little Joey squealed with excitement, winning his first battle against a Trainer.

"...Thanks for battling me," N replied. After that, he just left, and Quinn followed. He needed to get to Striaton City to get his first badge.

*Moments later*

"Aw, yeah," Quinn said. "I caught a Lillipup! I think I'll call her...Lilly. That's appropriate, right?" He went on battling Youngster Joey with Sara, almost losing her. Then, just when he didn't want it.

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhh, Quinn!"

"Oh, Arceus," he said. "it's Stalker Number One."

"My Pokemon have become stronger, Quinn," Bianca said energetically. "let's battle! Go, Lillipup!"

"Go, Lilly!" Quinn cried out, sending out his new Lillipup.

"Hey, you and I are both us--"

"Lilly, Bite." Quinn's Lillipup went on with biting Bianca's strongly, almost taking it out.

"Use Tackle!" Bianca's Lillipup obeyed orders, but didn't do as much as Lilly did.

"Finish this with another Bite!" -Bite!- It was over for Bianca's Lillipup, for it was knocked out!

"I'm gonna send out Oshawott!" She yelled.

"You know," Quinn started. "it's not the best method to tell the opponent which Pokemon you're using next. Whatever floats your boat. Go, Sara!" The Lillipup came back to her Poke Ball, and out came Sara.

"Go, Oshawott!"

"Sara, use Vine Whip!" And like that, Oshawott was OUT! No kidding. With that she left, and Quinn went on to going to the Dreamyard, beating some other Trainers, and getting the Panpour dubbed "Trace." (Pronounced like Tracey. You know, like Tracey Jordan.) Next time on Yes, Another Nuzlocke Story, Quinn will be facing off against Cheren in one story! Stay tunned, kiddies!

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