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Default Meloetta Invasion: Scavenger Hunt!

Oh my Arceus, one week away came faster than I thought. So, post here saying that you're signing up and I'll post the Trivia! :)P

^By le epic Charmander009

Well, you guys remember Cross of the Keldeo and the word search, right? Well, buckle up for something harder, because this time, it's a scavenger hunt! The scavenger hunt will mainly take place around the PE2K Trivia/Games section, possibly stretching out to some others. Those who find the most answers wins! But, before we do that, let's have a pre-event, shall we? This part will be a trivia/mini scavenger hunt. "Why do this?" You may ask. Well, the prizes for this will be clues to the clues. A hint. A whatever-you-call-it! It will help you with the main scavenger hunt and is only for one person. No exchanging or whatsoever. If I find out that you have shared, you and the person you were sharing with will be disqualified! They will be updated daily, for I am active and I'll PM the hints to the person with the most correct answers to the pre-scavenger hunt. So, you ready?

LATEST UPDATE: The winner of the Pre-Event will also receive a Meloetta plushy!!!

1) What is Meloetta's classification?
2) What level does Meloetta learn Perish Song?
3) What is it's National Dex number?
4) What Pokemon comes before Meloetta?
5) Which one comes after?

Typhlosion Explosion

Scavenger Hunt:
Aye, go dancing, these aren't ready yet!

Use Logic and any other brain-smarts! May the odds be with you!
Cookie to the person who gets the last reference when this opens. Nothing else, just cookie.

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