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Default Re: King of the Hill

I call for the nearest district to call up the FBI... meanwhile I heal up my pokemon and return for 1 last battle to hold you down till the fbi gets here... I go down in the hill... but 1 of my pals who i had told to delier a message to My freind cynathia.. and proffesor Realm and oak to report immedately to hill... Cynathia rushes up the hill and seeig me fallen on the battle feild throws me a few max revives and potions and runs up for a chllenge of latio... she ends up wining by a hair... and the 3 proffofer's run up with a full team of rare and legendary pokemon at hand... and brught supplie to me and cynathia... than they confesgate Latio's trainer card... than soon the fbi arriuves and crowds the gill and arrest latio ahgain... and they set guards to help gaurd the hill..

But once again me and Cynathia claim the hill.

I am Brandon, I have 1 goal as a pokemon trainer: To become the unbeatable unlike any other... I have already become the Champion of sinnoh... and am training currently in unova to beat the Champion their.
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