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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

When hearing that Klaus and Damon were now at the house Ashley quickly stood her ground, walking to the window but saw nothing. Right now her only thought was protecting the toddlers, most of the group having the same thoughts as they listened closely to their surroundings.

"Where do you think they are?" Caroline asked as she joined Ashley at the window.

"I'm not sure." Ashley responded, a brick from outside suddenly going through a window and into the house. Another brick from outside quickly smashed another window and was heading right for Diana's head, though Mason quickly guarded the young Witch as the brick hit his back.

"Are you okay?" Diana asked, bringing Mason to nod.

"We can't even kill Klaus because then we'll all die except for Kotomi and Caroline since the rest of us are from his Bloodline." Lexi said, walking towards the front door.

"Where are you going?" Stefan asked as he quickly grabbed Lexi's hand.

"It's obvious they want us to come outside. If we just listen to Damon and Klaus then maybe they won't hurt the children." Lexi responded. Stefan nodded, most of the group walking outside in the snow where they saw Damon and Klaus a few feet away, a brick in Klaus' hand.

"Very wise of you to come outside. I was just about to throw another brick." Klaus said, dropping it. Damon couldn't bring himself to stare at the group since he knew that eyes must had been on him, instead looking at Mason with a deadly expression, Diana standing right next to the Hybrid with her fingers interlaced with his.

"What do you want? Haven't you caused enough damage already?" Diana asked as she stood her ground.

"I wanted to see what fate met our friend Mason." Klaus responded with a smile. "I see that he completed the transition, so I take it you're going to let me use your blood to make Hybrids?"

"What is he talking about?" Ashley asked as she quickly looked to Diana, who turned to face her.

"The only way to make Hybrids is if Klaus uses my blood, or the blood of your children." Diana responded, Ashley's eyes widening in shock as she quickly looked back to Klaus. Kotomi shot forward in anger as she used her speed to attack Klaus, though Damon got in the way as he pinned Kotomi against a tree.

"Get off!" Kotomi growled as she pinned Damon against a tree this time, though he quickly overpowered her.

"I love a good girl fight." Klaus chuckled. Kol was about to help Kotomi but Klaus glared at him, looking at the rest of the group. "If you intervene then I will kill her."

"How could you betray us like this?" Kotomi growled at Damon as he had her pinned against yet another tree. "It's one thing to leave town with Klaus to save Ashley's life, but its another to actually kill Mason and turn off your humanity while you kill innocent people! Klaus wants Diana's blood, Damon! Doesn't that bother you at all?"

"No, not really. She's just another human blood-bag." Damon responded as Mason wrapped his arms around Diana protectively.

"You honestly can't think of her that way... can you? After everything you felt for Diana before you left? What about Abigail and Scarlet? Think about them, Damon! Feel those emotions again!" Kotomi said, her voice gentle now. Damon tore his gaze away from Kotomi to finally look at Diana, the two locking eyes. After a few long moments of silence the hate on Damon's face slowly disappeared, letting Kotomi go as Damon slowly walked towards Diana. Klaus could tell that the love Damon felt for the Witch was returning, and overpowering to turn the humanity back on in Damon.

"You have to be kidding me." Klaus growled, using his speed to stand in front of Damon a few feet before he reached Diana. "You will keep off your humanity, Damon, until I say otherwise." Klaus compelled. A haze fell over Damon, the Vampire nodding a few moments later as Isobel cursed under her breath. Just when Damon was starting to come back...

"We heard glass breaking which woke us up..." A new voice greeted the group outside, Abigail and Scarlet standing there. It was then that the two toddlers saw Damon for the first time in months. "Uncle Damon?" Abigail asked in shock.

"Mommy said you were going to come back!" Scarlet said with excitement, the two toddlers beginning to run towards the Vampire. Ashley quickly wrapped both of her arms around her children, shaking her head at them.

"It's not safe out here. The two of you need to go inside." Ashley said.

"But uncle Damon is back!" Abigail said.

"Just please go back inside before the two of you get even more sick." Ashley said in a soft voice, the toddlers looking at Damon, who had no emotion on his face. The toddlers didn't want to listen however, trying to break their mother's grip to reach Damon.

"I believe it's time for us to go." Klaus said, looking towards Diana.

"Like hell." Mason growled as he stood in front of the Witch.

"Relax." Klaus growled back, Mason calming down a few moments later at Klaus' words. "We aren't leaving town. We're just going back to the mansion to get a couple pouches of Diana's blood. You're welcomed to join us if you want, though only you."

"It's okay Mase." Diana said as she looked up at Mason, the Hybrid nodding as the two walked towards Klaus and Damon.

"Diana..." Meredith said, not wanting the young Witch to go.

"I'll be fine." Diana reassured her, though the group was still nervous. The four began to walk away together, bringing the toddlers to struggle against Ashley's grip even more.

"Uncle Damon!" Scarlet cried.

"Don't go!" Abigail screamed, the two toddlers in tears. Ashley forced her children inside but made sure not to hurt them at all, Abigail and Scarlet trying to run out of the house but were stopped by different members of the group.
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