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Default Re: Building: Pollution Theme Team

Originally Posted by treex View Post

What are you talking about ._.

Excadrill is a Steel/Ground poke, it's also weak to Ground (but you're right it is resistant to Psychic) As for the Horn Drill suggestion, one-hit KO moves are frowned upon by the community and I prefer not to use them either. I've decided on taking EQ, Rock Throw and Swords Dance, but I dunno what to put in the last slot.
are you following the smogon rules? if so, you could just as well do exactly what smogon says is best for you.

OOPS you,re right, he is immune to electric and poison

i meant that you get a drillbur with the nature jolly(if you plan to go mostly with physical attacks) or timid(if you want to go with special) and train it to be an excadrill. both natures increases speed, having a speed pokemon may be an advantage for this team, because most of the pokemon are slooow, of course, it does not need to be exactly excadrill, it could be ampharos(if you include it), but its best to do it with a pokemon that actually has a chance to get high speed.

also, are you gonna teach muk acid armor? it increases defense by two whole stages.
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