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Default Re: Cartoon Network on the decline

Originally Posted by CrazyTrainer View Post
2D or 3D that show is crap about gumballs
I don't remember The Amazing World of Gumball actually involving a gumball. The main character is called "Gumball". Have you actually watched any of the shows on CN? xD

Adventure Time is genius, in my opinion. They add innuendos for the older audience, which makes me chuckle, and the randomness is done for a comedic effect.

I'd say watch a few shows before passing judgement - like I did with MLP:FiM. To be honest, I only watched the first one, so I should really watch another episode or two, but I don't really like it. I don't see why people like it, they say it's funny when the episode I watched wasn't really comical. But, like I said about needing to watch another episode, it was only the first, and we all know how different first episodes are to the main show, right?


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