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Default Re: Building: Pollution Theme Team

Originally Posted by treex View Post
I'm aware of that, but that means no leftovers :<

Yeah, but which one D: Weezing is immune to Ground, but a Fire-Type could be just as handy.

Muk or Swampert for water pollution, guys? (I'm leaning towards Swampert as he's a solid Ground counter)
swampert is not a pollution pokemon, its like a mudfish and lives in naturally unpure water, its all natural, while muk truly represents water pollution

after all, most pollution representing pokemon are poison types, and poison types are weak to psychic and ground, those are gonna be your worst enemies

protip: why not go full speed with excadrill, you may be able to KO some ground or psychic type pokemon with its horn drill, and if you fail, excadrill is immune to ground, so you will survive a ground type attack and its resistant to psychic.
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