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Default Re: Yes, Another Nuzlocke Story (White)


Who Are These People?!

Ah, yes. Another journey, an epic tale, a new sto--Fine, I'll get on with it. So, it was Quinn's tenth birthday, as always in the Pokemon world. A gift was received from Professor Juniper, in which he had no clue what it was. Cheren was at his house, in Quinn's room where the present was. They knew what was in there, they were waiting for Bianca.

"When is she going to get here?" Cheren asked. He was tired of waiting, he wanted to get his new partner badly.

"I dunno," Quinn replied. "Hopefully soon."

"She's here!" Quinn's mother called. Bianca came up the stairs, apologizing and such. You know how it goes. "I'm sorry," this and "I'm sorry," that.

"Late as always..." Cheren said. Bianca had always been known to be late for everything. In fact, she had the most late arrivals at school. And the past leads to the present.

"Should we open it?" Quinn asks. "I mean, everybody's here."

"Do it!" Cheren and Bianca said excitedly. Quinn opened the box. It had a note on it.

<Hehehe! Now that you have received this, you have started the Nuzlocke Challenge! Have fun, suckers! -Void>

'Void?' Quinn wondered. He didn't know no Void, and this gift was supposed to be from Juniper. He read it again. 'Nuzlocke...' Quinn gasped. The Nuzlocke Challenge was something horrible in the Pokemon world. It didn't affect them, but it affected him. Every time a Pokemon fainted, it died. He had to box it or release it and it could never be used again. He was also limited to one Pokemon per area. If it fainted, that was it. Might as well choose a Pokemon and get this started...

"I'll choose Snivy," Quinn said out loud. He loved Snivy so he had to be extra careful with...her.

"That means I get Oshawott..." Bianca started. "...And Cheren gets Tepig."

"But--" Cheren wanted to say. "Never mind. I wanted a strong Pokemon anyways."

"Hey! How 'bout we have a battle!" Quinn blurted out. Oh, dear Arceus, why would he say that? At least the death penalty could be avoided since he doesn't have any other Pokemon.

"I'll go first," Bianca said. "Go, Oshawott!"

"Go, Snivy!" Quinn yelled. It was a heated battle of epic proportions. There was Tackles, Tail Whips, and Leers. In the end, Quinn and his Snivy won.

"Aw, man," Bianca said disappointingly. You could tell that they all were going to be great Trainers.

"No hard feelings, Bianca," Quinn said. "That was a fun battle!"

"Hey," Cheren started. "your Pokemon look a little bent up. Why don't you let me heal your Pokemon."

"Now, now, Cheren," Quinn said. "It's your turn."

"Oh, alright," Cheren replied. "It's only fair, I guess."

So, another epic battle and such, with the same outcome, but against Cheren. Here were the HP, for the...lolz, I guess.

Terpig: 0 HP

Snivy: 4 HP

"So, that's what it's like to be in a battle," Cheren said. "That was fun." Quinn's "friends" that he barely even knew went downstairs.

"Sorry for what happened, ma'mm," Bianca said. Both of them left, leaving Quinn and his "mom."

"I'm not gonna bother," Quinn said. He didn't know anyone. He didn't know Cheren, Bianca, or "Mom." Quinn then went on to get his Pokedex and such from Juniper. And this time, he really saw Juniper! Also, he named his female Snivy Sara.

"Ah...Route One," Quinn said, taking in the fresh Route One air. There was a rustling in the grass nearby. "What's that?"

"Pat!" The Pokemon squeaked as it came out.

"Ooh!" Quinn exclaimed. "A Patrat! I think I'll name him...Joe II." Quinn went on to catch Joe II and train him to Level 5. And that's where this chapter ends off...

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