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Default Yes, Another Nuzlocke Story (Leaf Green)

-Insert Snazzy Banner Here-
Recent Chapter

It's the year...whenever Pokemon comes to Earth. Quinn is just starting as a Pokemon Trainer and thrown into an unknown world. He knows no one. His supposed friends, Cheren and Bianca, and his "Mom." The only one he does really know is Professor Juniper. But, when he receives his gift, it is marked "Void" and states that he has entered a Nuzlocke Challenge. Now, he must complete it if he wants to get out of Unova. Welcome, to Tales of White/Yes, Another Nuzlocke Story!

Oh, hay, look, a story I'll finish cause I'll play the game, then write! It will be uploaded at least once every two weeks, though I'll try to upload at least once a week. Plus, guest stars that have nothing to do with the game! They'll just be travelling buddies for at least two chapters. Also, I should mention that all Chapter links will be on PE2K and nowhere else. So, read on, people!

Chapter One

Those Alive:
Sara (Snivy): Level 8 or so
Joe II (Patrat): Level 5

Those Boxed:

Those Deceased:

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, it's Leaf Green!


SHUT UP! I don't want to do White anymore. It's Wi-Fi League stuff, so, yeah. Also, with Wreck-It-Ralph coming out, I thought I'd devote it to an older one. Not with Blue, since I'm not sure when the battery will die. xD It'll come soon!

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