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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [Character Directory]

Name: Velocity.

Character: Othniel Moto-Moyo (OATH-nee-yell; means Lion of God. Moto-Moyo translates to Fire-Heart).

Age: 38.

Gender: Male.

Species: Lion-man.

Class: Warrior, with a bit of shaman talent.

Appearance: From the first moment you see him, Othniel shrieks 'lion'. He is a giant, from his six-foot-ten height to his broad, muscular shoulders. His hair is long and golden like the mane of a lion. His skin is dark, with golden, swirling tattoos on his shoulders, arms, and chest, similar to the ones on his face. His face is strange to look at; his nose is broad and flat like a feline's, his eyes are almost human - with their amber irises and feline pupils - and his broad jaw is filled with cat's fangs. His fingers are tipped with great ivory claws, as are his toes. Multiple scars line his body; the most noticeable ones are four slashes down the right side of his face and a thick, ropy gash down the left side of his chest. He usually wears hide clothing or light armor, not so much because it's too heavy for him as it restricts his mobility. His clothes and armor are often decorated with the fur, bones, or teeth of the animals he's hunted. He tends not to wear shoes. He doesn't have a tail because that would be dumb.

Personality: Othniel is rather friendly and has no problem making conversation with others. He doesn't have a silver tongue or anything, but he he can get along with people relatively easily. He is easygoing and relaxed most of the time, but he is often animated by an almost childlike energy and excitement. He loves to run, fight, and hunt, and enjoys showing off his immense strength. He is rather proud and headstrong. However, despite his pride, he will admit if or when he feels that he is wrong - which isn't often, but it does happen. Othniel has a strong sense of honor and loyalty, which sometimes leads him to make decisions that are not altogether practical. Book learning is not Othniel's strong suit; however, he knows his stuff when it comes to medicine and tactics. He is not overly nice, and has a somewhat abrasive attitude, but he will often display kindness whenever he feels someone merits his sympathy. Thanks to his lionlike nature, Othniel has a deep-seated fury within himself that he cannot always control. It isn't particularly easy to make him angry, and making him violently so is even harder, but once he is angry it is extremely difficult to calm him down and he will often vent his rage on allies if they do anything to trigger his attention.

History: Othniel was born into a small nomadic tribe that wandered the wild grasslands south of Goldstone. He was raised as an apprentice to the tribe shaman, but as he grew older he decided that the life of a healer and seer wasn't for him. He learned how to fight and hunt with the dagger and the spear, and decided that he much preferred the life of a tribe warrior. As he hunted the animals of the grasses he found himself studying the lion, noting its strength and ferocity in the hunt, and he wished to possess these qualities for himself. He went back to the shaman who had raised him and asked how he could take on the strength of a lion. The shaman consulted the spirits in the air and the spirits in the earth, and he told Othniel that he had to kill a lion without the use of offensive spells or any kind of shield or weapon. No other could aid him in the fight, and it must be a strong lion - if it was weak or sick, Othniel's soul would inherit this sickness and it would wither and die.

Othniel laughed at the shaman, saying that no man could kill a lion alone - let alone without weapons! The shaman then spoke several spells, giving Othniel much greater courage and strength, and sent him out to kill a lion. So Othniel went out and found a lion, and he fought with it for two days and nights. He was mauled in a few places - including on his chest and across his face - but finally he managed to kill the great beast. He brought the body back to the shaman, who marked Othniel's brow with the blood of the lion and spoke several more spells. Othniel's body changed, and he became much taller and much stronger. He had gained the strength of the lion, as well as the form he now has.

After his transformation, Othniel's tribe became wary of him, thinking he had been possessed by a demon. Eventually the tension grew to the point where three frightened tribesmen attempted to kill Othniel in his sleep. However, he awoke before they could lay a hand on him and, in a fit of instinctive rage, killed all three. Horrified, he went to the shaman, who told him that he had gotten the ferocity of the lion in addition to his strength. The shaman told Othniel to flee, giving his former student his staff. Othniel now wanders Aloria, going where he wills, often renting himself out as a caravan guard or mercenary.

- Strength: 18
- Dexterity: 12
- Intelligence: 11
- Constitution: 13
- Wisdom: 10
- Charisma: 12

- Common
- Beast
- Somewhat broken Pokemon

- Power Attack
- Armor Skin
- Track
- Alertness
- Persuasive


- Summon Rain
Summons rain. Can be anything from a gentle drizzle to a gusting storm. The larger the rainfall, the more energy it requires.
- Summon Lightning
Can only be cast in the rain. Calls down a bolt of lightning from the sky and into Othniel's staff, where it can then be redirected from the staff and into an opponent, or split in order to strike multiple opponents.
- Summon Thunderstorm*
Conjures up a storm with high winds and bolts of lightning that blast targets randomly. This can also hurt allies.
- Basic Healing
With the assistance of herbs and chants, Othniel can heal light or simple wounds such as bruises and cuts.
- Enhanced Healing*
With the assistance of herbs and chants, Othniel can heal moderate wounds such as large gashes and fractured or cracked bones. He cannot knit broken bones together, however.
- Dream Walking
Othniel can walk in the dreams of others, allowing him to see their thoughts. He can manipulate their dreams to a certain extent, although the more he does this the more likely it is that they will notice something is wrong. In dreams, he cannot harm the dreamer physically. Within the dream, he is all-powerful. He can also manipulate his own dreams this way, since he can dream-walk whether he is awake or asleep.
- Limited Seeing
Othniel can, with the aid of several chants, look into water and have brief visions of the past, present, or future. However, these visions are often muddled and do not last for very long.
- Seeing*
Othniel can, with the aid of several chants, look into water and have visions of the past, present, or future. The visions are clearer and last longer than before.


- Ivory Hilt Dagger x1
A steel dagger with a hilt made from the tusk of an elephant. The hilt is ornately carved with patterns that resemble animals and a twisting river.
- Shaman's Staff x1
A long wooden pole cut from an oak branch. The wood is carved with intricate spirals and designs that its previous owner claims aid in the channeling of magic through the staff. A spherical chunk of quartz caps the staff, held there by four wood clasps carved in the shapes of eagles' claws. Around the staff an emerald medallion is wrapped, adorned with animal teeth, is wrapped.

Horned Helm x1
A helm made of hard leather. Two elephant tusks protrude from the back, giving the wearer the appearance of having horns.
Leather Body x1
Simple armor for the torso, made from animal hides. Around the shoulders are sewn several animal fangs to make it look more ferocious.
Leather Gloves x2
Simple gloves made of leather.

Fang Amulet x1
An amulet lined with fangs. The pendant is a simple disk made of yellow quartz.
Provisions x3
Some dried meat, several berries and fruits and a bit of bread. About a day's worth of meals as long as you aren't doing much of anything more strenuous than walking.
Shaman's Pouch x1
A small leather bag made to hold various herbs and other potion ingredients. It contains:
- Small Healing Potion 2x
- Small Strength Potion 2x
- Aloe Leaf 3x
- Acacia Bark 1x
- All coins that Othniel is carrying

A large skin pouch made for holding water during long trips through the dry grassland.

Money: 33 coppers and one shiny gold coin.


Jasiri the Braviary ♂
Ability: Sheer Force
Techniques: Hone Claws, Crush Claw, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird
Signature Technique: Claws of Fire
- Jasiri rushes his opponent, slashing them with his claws ablaze, as if he is using the Heat Wave his brethren can master. He contains all of this fire in his claws, so that he burns the opponent as well as ripping them open.

Other: I like waffles!
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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