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Miniera, Skythunder Blades
East of Northmarch Island
Affected RPers: All of the PE2Kers

<I'm EVERYONE'S friend! I came from the S.S. Ship, and I came to say.............................HI!> Solomon meanwhile, used a little fire manipulation to write S.S. Ship in the air: first in Unown runes, then, remembering that only the nobles and the hardened explorers knew those, switched them to footprint runes. This served not only the purpose of clarifying what he said, but also demonstrating that he was a native Minieran, as Starmie do not normally have the element of fire at their disposal. <Anyway, friend, what's your name, and this ship's?> thereby saying the most lucid thing the star determined he could get away with.

Solomon got a reply from Ernx, and telepathed back,<Oh Ernxy, you're such a kidder. While that would be really fun, they wouldn't do that! How could they? It would not be possible!> The unspoken boast was, of course, that Solomon was competent enough to avoid that fate. According to the star, he could have sunk the Nomade ship without them even knowing he was there. But interesting contemplations aside...

Meanwhile, Solomon took it upon himself to further his image. He took the letters he made in the air with the fire and formed them into a thin line of fire. He then started to make spirals, circles, loopy loops, lemnaicates, and all sorts of other curvy shapes.

OoC: Sorry for the short post, but I couldn't think of anything else.
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