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Kiseki Kagami from District Four

"Yeah." Caroline responded with a nod, and Kiseki stepped inside as she sat up on the bed. He cracked the door behind him to let some light remain in the room, but kept it closed enough so that it wouldn’t be easy to tell it was open. He was still wary of getting into trouble for coming in here, but at the same time he didn’t really care.

"Is everything okay?" It was obvious that Caroline was nervous when she spoke again, but since she was trying so hard not to show it, Kiseki didn’t mention it. Of course, who wouldn’t be nervous if the very person they were just expressing their fears about just so happened to come into the room right after?

Kiseki was silent for a few moments as he thought over what he had just heard Caroline say, trying to think of how he could relieve her of her fears. It was expected that she would be afraid of dying in the arena; he was terrified of that as well - heck, all of them probably were. But he didn’t want her to have to be afraid of her own partner. That had to be one of the worst feelings…

“I, uh… I heard you talking with Stefan just now…” The dark haired teen went straight to the point since he knew that dancing around the subject wouldn’t get him anywhere. After another short pause, he looked up to lock eyes with the blonde and finally spoke again. “I’m sorry that you feel that way because of me. I know how it must seem with my brother being in the Games as well, but I want you to know that I would never abandon you in the arena. Even if it did come down to the three of us, I wouldn’t kill you, and I wouldn’t let Ichiru do it either.” He finally offered a smile before continuing. “You’re my partner. We’re going into the arena together, and we’ll leave it together, too.”

Caitlyn Walker from District Seven

After watching the Reapings earlier in the day, the train had arrived in the Capitol and Caitlyn had been immediately taken to meet her stylist and prep team who spent the longest time getting her ready for the Tribute Parade. She hated the whole ordeal, and was glad when it was all over.

However, she had barely gotten the time to recollect herself from the busy event before someone bumped into her, the impact nearly sending her crashing to the ground.

"Watch where you're going brat!" The male tribute from District Nine snarled down at her, and Caitlyn barely had time to process what had actually happened before he was in her face. "You did that on purpose!"

“I didn’t--”

"You going to say something brat? Or you going to hide away behind the Peacekeepers and everybody else because you're too scared to fight me? I'll even let you throw the first punch." He gave her a smirk, and the brunette’s hands drew into fists at her sides, although she didn’t move or say anything. "You're going to need to step up to the plate girly. Cowering away from me won't make you look good here. It'll make you a target. I'll enjoy making you suffer in the arena, or even right now if you want. Your dying breaths as you cry out for mummy to come save you will make it even more enjoyable. I'm afraid you're stuck here you strumpet."

Caitlyn opened her mouth to respond, but before she could say or even do anything, something suddenly blocked her view of Brandon. Once she realized that it was another tribute, Brandon was already on his knees, grasping his chest as he coughed and gasped for air.

"First off, you should treat women with more respect." The male who stood between Caitlyn and Brandon spoke up, although since his back was to her, Caitlyn still couldn’t tell who it was. "Second, trying to start a fight out here is stupid, save it for the arena. You're pathetic." He started to walk off, but stopped shortly after to glance back at Brandon with a smirk. “Enjoy unconsciousness.”

It was then that Caitlyn recognized him. He was Keiru Kozaka, the male tribute from District One - none other than the very tribute she had already decided to stay away from. However, no one could really blame someone for thinking that, with how he had appeared on screen.

He had already disappeared by the time this realization registered, and as Caitlyn watched the guards rush over to Brandon, who had fallen unconscious moments before, she couldn’t help but feel something like a pang of guilt. Somehow she felt badly for thinking the way she had of Keiru. It was possible that he had only given that appearance for the cameras, after all. It wasn’t unheard of.

She finally turned and headed back to where her room was located, deciding that the next time she saw Keiru she would thank him for defending her. She knew it was an especially dangerous thing to start or get involved in a fight here, since a tribute could be executed for such, and that made his actions just then stand out to her even more.

It wasn’t until Caitlyn neared her room that she realized she actually hadn’t wanted to come back inside. She was too restless to go to bed, or even to be in her room at all. There had been a way to get onto the roof which she had passed on her way to her room, so maybe she could just go up there…

Ichiru Kagami from District Three/ Caitlyn Walker from District Seven
Capitol - Roof

"I actually didn't know Aria and my younger brother were coming as well until after the Reaping. My parents just happen to be my mentors." Ashley gave Ichiru a small smile as she responded.

“Oh? That’s still a pretty lucky break.”

"He thinks I'm cute." Aria’s giggle brought a smile back to Ichiru’s face, this one more noticeable than the last.

"Well you are cute. You have my looks but your father's hair and freckles." Ashley’s words almost took it away, although Ichiru was careful not to show any obvious reactions. Somehow, knowing that these two had lost someone to the Games - and Aria at such a young age, too - really hit home. He knew all too well the feeling of losing someone important to you in the Games, even if in his case it had been a close friend and not an actual family member. However, if he didn’t protect Kiseki this year, that could very well be the case…

"I want to go down there and explore." Aria’s voice snapped Ichiru out of his thoughts, and he followed the toddler’s gaze to the city below.

"Maybe tomorrow grandma and grandpa could take you while I'm in training." Ashley responded, and shortly after her gaze shifted to Ichiru. "My name is Ashley, and this is Aria."

"And uncle Jeremy and uncle Kenny are inside." Aria added as she looked back at the dark haired teen as well. Ichiru was hesitant to respond, even though in just a few days everyone would know who he was anyway. These two seemed great and fun to be around, which was what frightened him. He didn’t want to end up getting close to them before the Games started only to have to kill Ashley or vise versa in the arena.

However, his silence was excused when Aria gave a yawn after speaking. As Ichiru listened to the two of them talk, his attention began to wander away when he sensed the presence of someone else. He scanned the rooftop, although with the dark shadows it was difficult to tell if anyone else was here with him. Of course, there was also the highly likely possibility that he was just being paranoid.

"Look's like we got a party going on up here."

A new voice made Ichiru turn to look at the door, where the male tribute from District One stood. "Where was my invite?"

"Just a bit of small-talk, that's all." Ashley responded coolly with a smile, although in Ichiru‘s case it was obvious he was wary of the other male. His wariness usually became defensiveness, but this time around, Ichiru managed to retain his composure. He saw Ashley gently grad Aria from the corner of his eye, turning his attention back to her just as she looked at him. "I should really get her settled in bed. I'll see you tomorrow though."

The dark haired teen gave a mere nod in response, watching her walk over to the door. He noticed another male - the tribute from District Thirteen - leave shortly after as well, which confirmed his suspicions from only moments before. He had noticed the same tribute glaring at Ashley and Jeremy after the Tribute Parade earlier in the day, which made it obvious now that he was targeting the two of them - specifically Ashley.

He glanced over to Keiru, not quite sure what to say or do. He was just about to finally speak when the door to the roof opened again, and a girl with short, brown hair stepped onto the roof. He recognized her as the female tribute from Seven, although she hadn’t really done anything that gave him any defining thoughts about her. He had left right before the scene with Brandon, so he had no idea what had happened.

She appeared startled upon seeing the two males already on the roof, although the shock appeared mostly directed at Keiru.

“I didn’t think I’d run into you again so quickly.” The way she spoke, she had already met him before. There was no hostility or fear in her tone, which surprised Ichiru somewhat. Despite this, he had the feeling of being a third wheel and decided to excuse himself. Normally, he wouldn’t have left someone alone with a tribute who had already made himself known as a threat, but somehow he could sense that the atmosphere between the two of them wasn’t bad.

Caitlyn watched the dark haired boy leave. She knew he had been one of the twins, but she didn’t know which one. She decided not to worry about it, and instead turned her gaze back to Keiru.

“I wanted to thank you for defending me earlier.” Somehow she found it difficult to look him in the eye as she spoke, although it was clear that her gratitude was sincere. “There’s no telling what he would have managed to do before the guards got to him, so I’m really grateful for that.”
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